Brief Facts About Poland

Once ruled by kings and queens, Poland is the site of many different, grand and majestic castles. There are several that you may visit while there are also log cabins in other areas for those who aren’t so interested in the grandeur of royalty. It is a place to see what medieval Europe had been like, as their sites are quite well preserved.

  •  Poland has 120,562 square miles (312,255 km2) of area, which makes the country slightly smaller than New Mexico
  • The 380,000-acre (150,000-hectare) Białowieża Primeval Forest in Poland is Europe’s last ancient forest and home to 800 European bison, Europe’s heaviest land animals.
  • The Wieliczka Salt Mine’s attractions include dozens of statues, three chapels, and an entire cathedral carved out of rock salt by the miners. Approximately1.2 million visitors walk through the salt mine annually. The mine reaches a depth of 1,073 feet (327 m) and is over 178 miles (287 km) long. It is often referred to as the “Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland.
  • Inspired by and named for the original Woodstock rock festival, Pryzstanek Woodstock, an annual free rock music festival in Poland, is the largest open-air festival in Europe.
  • Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe.
  • There are 23 national parks in Poland, 1,269 nature reserves, and a hundred bird sanctuaries.
  • The highest point in Poland is Rysy in the Tatra Mountains (2,499m)
  • The coldest part of Poland is in the the North-East and the warmest is in the South-west.
  • Geographically, Poland is not in the Eastern Europe. It is in the very centre.

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