Brief Facts About Rwanda

A state almost literally at the heart or the center of the African continent, Rwanda has much to behold. Just like several other African countries, Rwanda is teeming with African wildlife and wilderness. One of the unique things you will get to do here is see rare mountain gorillas that find their home in bamboo forests. It’s really not just about the safari and savannah here, but of forests as well.

  • Rwanda is also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills because most of the country is covered by rolling, grassy hills.
  • The Karisimbi Volcano (4,519 m high) in the Virunga Mountains, is the highest point in Rwanda.
  • Mount Karisimbi is an inactive volcano in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Lake Kivu, Lake Muhazi, Lake Ihema, Lake Bulera, Lake Ruhondo and Lake Mugesera are the main water bodies in Rwanda.
  • Rwanda is one of the smallest nations on Earth with size of 26 338 square kilometers.
  • Rwanda is the 4th smallest country on the African Continent.
  • Rwanda is only one of three countries in Africa where you can visit Mountain Gorillas in the Wild.
  • Rwanda is largely a rural country with about 90% of the population involved in agricultural, agro-processing and mineral work.
  • The head of the state of Rwanda is its president who is elected every seven years by its citizens. The President has been conferred great constitutional powers such as creating policy along with his cabinet, exercising the prerogative of mercy, negotiating and signing treaties, commanding the army, and declaring war or a state of emergency. The president also appoints the prime minister and the cabinet.

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