Brief Facts About Saint Lucia

As their tagline goes, Saint Lucia truly is simply beautiful. It is an island located in the Caribbean, which means that it is very rich in natural beauties. It is a stunning site for anyone who is looking to get away from the business of city life. Their stunning mountain ranges and forests, and of course, their sparkling waters and beaches will make you wish that you never have to leave.

  • St Lucia is the second largest of the Windward Islands located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The island was created because of volcanic activity and is 43 km (27 miles) long and 23 km (14 miles) wide.
  • St. Lucia is situated in the Caribbean Sea, as part of the Lesser Antilles, with its total area covering 616sq km. The closest islands neighboring St Lucia are St Vincent to the south, and Martinique, to the north.
  • Castries, the capital city of St Lucia, is actually located in a flood gut region. Interestingly, Castries has been built on a reclaimed land mass.
  • St. Lucia, divided into 11 quarters, is estimated to have a population of almost 170,000.
  • Jacquot, or the St. Lucia Parrot, is a bird native only to these islands. It is the national bird of St. Lucia, and its scientific name is Amazona Versicolor.
  • St. Lucia was known as the Island of the Iguanas by the Amerindian Arawak and Carib people who are known to have been among the earliest settlers here.
  • At 950 m (3,117ft), Mount Gimie is the highest point on this island nation of St. Lucia.
  • The Voice, The Star, The St Lucia Mirror, The Crusader and One Caribbean are some of the main newspapers of St Lucia.

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