Brief Facts About Somalia

Somalia is a war-torn eastern African country that borders the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean, Ethiopia and Kenya

Created 1 July 1960 by Yusuf Ali Kenadid, Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa.

Capital: Mogadishu
Largest city: Mogadishu
Continent: Africa
Currency: Somali shilling

Somalia is officially called the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Somalia is located on the outer edge of the Somali Peninsula, which is also known as “the Horn of Africa.”

Somali women do not wear the Muslim veil, however, they are not allowed to socialize with men in public.

When eating, people in Somalia scoop the food from their bowl using their first three fingers. Some will roll a banana leaf and use that for scooping. Urban Somalis will use silverware while dining, but many would rather use their fingers.

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