Brief Facts About Tunisia

Tunisia is a North African beautiful and culturally-rich country, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert.

Capital: Tunis
Largest city: Tunis
Continent: Africa
Dialing code: +216
Currency: Tunisian dinar
Official language: Arabic and French

Did You Know:

Tunisia is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.

The total land area of Tunisia is about 63,170 square miles (163,610 square kilometres).

The capital city Tunis covers an area of 82 square miles (213 square kilometres)

Citizens are known as Tunisians

Tunisia’s population is approximately ten million made up of mostly Arab-Berber.

The majority of the population are Muslims with 99.1% being Sunni Muslims and 1% of Shia Muslims, Christians, Jewish and Baha’i.

Tunisia is home to a wide range of wild animals, including cheetahs, panthers, lions, leopards, gazelles, mongooses, otters, hyaenas, wolves, deer and hartebeest.

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