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Brief Facts About Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is a South African country located between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. The country has 16 official languages: Chewa, Chibarwe, English, Kalanga, “Koisan” (presumably Tsoa), Nambya, Ndau, IsiNdebele, Shangani, Shona, “sign language” (Zimbabwean sign languages), SeSotho, Tonga, Tswana, TshiVenda, IsiXhosa.

1. Zimbabwe is thought to be the location of Ophir, the Biblical land from which King Solomon got ivory, gold, peacocks and other precious items.2. The remains of early humans, dating back 500,000 years, have been discovered in present-day Zimbabwe. The land’s earliest settlers, the Khoisan, date back to 200 B.C. After a period of Bantu domination, the Shona people ruled, followed by the Nguni and Zulu peoples. By the mid-19th century the descendants of the Nguni and Zulu, the Ndebele, had established a powerful warrior kingdom.

3. The tribal clothes of the people of the country include a headdress that is meant to cover the head. Headdresses are worn by both men and women.

The national dress of the country is a wraparound cloth, head wrap, and earrings and necklaces. The traditional Zimbabwe Clothing is worn on some special occasions like the Independence Day or Hero’s Day.

4. Zimbabwe means “great house of stones” in the local Chishona language.

5. The Zimbabwe dollar was abandoned as its national currency in 2009 after hyperinflation had led to an inflation rate of 79.6 billion per cent.

6. At its peak in 2008, Zimbabwe issued 100trillion dollar banknotes.

7. The busy Mbane Musika market and bus terminal is one of the greatest open-air markets in Africa

8. Zimbabwe has won eight Olympic medals, one by the field hockey team and the other seven by swimmer Kirsty Coventry.

9. There is a strong belief in mermaids in Zimbabwe but they often have a bad reputation including kidnapping, torture and murder.

10. More than half the people in Zimbabwe are below the age of 21.

11. According to WHO figures, men can expect to live to 37 years, and women only 34.
12. One of past President Mugabe’s biggest achievements has been education. Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa at 90% of the population.
13. In 2000, some 70% of the best land was owned by 4,000 white farmers and Mr Mugabe speeded up the process of seizing it and redistributing it to blacks.

14.There is a strong belief in mermaids in Zimbabwe but they often have a bad reputation

15. To Zimbabweans, a big stomach among men is a sign of wealth. It implies that they can afford meat daily.

16. The local name for Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is “Mosi-oa-Tunya” (the smoke that thunders).

17. Zimbabweans call every toothpaste “Colgate” and every washing powder “Surf”.

18.  Cholera and malaria are two major diseases in the country. Malaria is prevalent in low-lying border areas. More than 760,000 cases of malaria were reported by WHO in 2009, while one-third of its minor population suffers from chronic malnutrition.

19.  As most men in the world try to shade their large tummies for flat ones, the opposite is true in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans see pot bellies in men as a sign of success and wealth. 

20.  Zimbabwe acknowledges two types of marriage: customary marriage, which can be polygamous in nature, and civil marriage, which is characteristically monogamous. Divorce is allowed in the country but is uncommon. It specifically is a stigma among women.

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