Themes Of 2024 Budget Of Federal Government And The 36 States

Themes Of 2024 Budget Of Federal Government And The 36 States

Federal Government — Budget of Renewed Hope Abia — Budget of New Beginning Adamawa — Budget of Re-engineering Akwa Ibom — Arise Budget for Growth and Expansion Anambra — Budget of Changing Gears Bauchi — Budget of Consolidation & Renewed Focus Bayelsa — Budget of Sustainable and Shared Prosperity Benue — Budget of Infrastructure, Development, […]

History Of Nigerian Tax System

The History Of Nigerian Tax System Prior to the early 1930s, the formalization of taxation in Nigeria was practically non-existent. We were only exposed to variety of levies as dictated by paramount rulers at that time. The Various traditional rulers all created their various forms of taxes and levies which was used in boosting the various […]

History Of Nigerian Economy

Colonialism is a major feature of the economic history of Nigeria. Britain eventually gained control of Nigerian administration. After independence, the Nigerian economy seemed very promising. Many saw Nigeria, with 25% of Africa’s population, as an emerging economy. However, this potential never materialized. A series of unfortunate political and economic events have stalled Nigerian growth. […]

Salary Of Unity Bank plc Workers

Unity Bank pay their Graduate Trainees N45,000 monthly for the 4 months training, this is to take care of their transport and feeding majorly during the training session Unity Bank Entry level staff structure is 130,000 Naira monthly Senior banking executives are paid as much as 700,000 Naira monthly.

Salary Of Access Bank Workers

Access Bank Nigeria Contract workers, First entry – N70,000 Access Bank Nigeria Graduate Trainees Salary Structure – N43,000 Monthly , An average of N516,000 Per anum. After your graduate trainee program which operates for a few months, if you complete the interviews and assessments, the bank can pay you an income of N101,000 every month […]

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