How Was Taraba State Created

Taraba State was carved out of the former Gongola State on 27th August 1991 by the then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. Taraba State is named after the Taraba River which traverses the southern part of the state. Taraba’s capital is Jalingo. Situated in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, Taraba State occupies 54,473 square […]

How Was Sokoto State Created

Sokoto is a city located in the extreme northwest of Nigeria, near to the confluence of the Sokoto River and the Rima River. As of 2006 it has a population of 427,760. Sokoto is the modern day capital of Sokoto State (and its predecessor, the Northwestern State). The name Sokoto (which is the modern/anglicised version […]

How Was Rivers State Created

Rivers State was created out of the former Eastern Region on 27th May 1967 by the then regime of General Yakubu Gowon. Bayels State was carved out of it in the state creation excercise of 1996. It’s capital and biggest city is Port Harcourt. Located in Southern Nigeria, in the delta region, Rivers State covers […]

How Was Plateau State Created

Plateau, state, east-central Nigeria, created in 1976 out of the northern half of former Benue-Plateau state. It is bounded by the states of Kaduna and Bauchi on the north, Taraba on the east, and Nassarawa on the south and west. The Jos Plateau rises to about 5,250 feet (1,600 m) above sea level in the […]

How Was Oyo State Created

Oyo State, popularly referred to as the “Pace Setter” is one of the 36 States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It came into existence with the break up of the old Western State of Nigeria during the state creation exercise in 1976 and it originally included Ọsun State, which was split off in 1991. […]

How Was Osun State Created

The struggle for the creation of Osun started as early as 1950. At that time, the present senatorial districts namely Osun West, Central and part of Osun East were subordinate towns under the administration of Ibadan District Native Authority but in there determination to get independence, traditional rulers and citizens of Osun Area submitted a […]

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