Who Invented Z Transform And When

The basic idea now known as the Z-transform was known to Laplace, and it was re-introduced in 1947 by W. Hurewicz and others as a way to treat sampled-data control systems used with radar. It gives a tractable way to solve linear, constant-coefficient difference equations. It was later dubbed “the z-transform” by Ragazzini and Zadeh […]

Who Invented Quadratic Equation And When

Pythagoras and Euclid  Invented Quadratic Equation was invented in 300 BC Quadratic Equation is an equation of the second degree, meaning it contains at least one term that is squared. The standard form is ax² + bx + c = 0 with a, b, and c being constants, or numerical coefficients, and x is an unknown variable.

Who Invented Z Test And When

William Sealy Gosset Invented Z Test Z Test was Invented in 1908 A Z-test is any statistical test for which the distribution of the test statistic under the null hypothesis can be approximated by a normal distribution. It is a statistical test used to determine whether two population means are different when the variances are known […]

Who Invented X And Y Axis And When

René Descartes Invented the X And Y Axis (Cartesian coordinate system) The X And Y Axis was in the 17th century. An x-y axis, also known as a cartesian coordinate system or a coordinate plane, is a two-dimensional plane of points defined uniquely by a pair of coordinates. What does that mean? Every point on the […]