Dunukofia L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Akwa

Polling Unit: 

(11 Polling Booths )
Akwa village hall i (PU: 04/08/01/004)
Akwa village hall ii (PU: 04/08/01/005)
Akwa village hall iii (PU: 04/08/01/006)
Central school i (PU: 04/08/01/001)
Central school ii (PU: 04/08/01/002)
Central school iii (PU: 04/08/01/003)
Iloamaobialu square i (PU: 04/08/01/007)
Iloamaobialu square ii (PU: 04/08/01/008)
Iloamaobialu square iii (PU: 04/08/01/009)
Ilokwujelu square i (PU: 04/08/01/010)
Ilokwujelu square ii (PU: 04/08/01/011)

Ward:  Ifitedunu i

Polling Unit: 

(12 Polling Booths )
Aguorji p/s i (PU: 04/08/02/004)
Aguorji p/s ii (PU: 04/08/02/005)
Aguorji p/s iii (PU: 04/08/02/006)
Obieze village square i (PU: 04/08/02/009)
Obieze village square ii (PU: 04/08/02/010)
Obieze village square iii (PU: 04/08/02/011)
Obieze village square iv (PU: 04/08/02/012)
St. mary’s school i (PU: 04/08/02/007)
St. mary’s school ii (PU: 04/08/02/008)
Ukpomili hall i (PU: 04/08/02/001)
Ukpomili hall ii (PU: 04/08/02/002)
Ukpomili hall iii (PU: 04/08/02/003)

Ward: Ifitedunu ii

Polling Unit:

(11 Polling Booths )
Iloamasato square i (PU: 04/08/03/009)
Iloamasato square ii (PU: 04/08/03/010)
Iloamasato square iii (PU: 04/08/03/011)
Ilongwu square i (PU: 04/08/03/007)
Ilongwu square ii (PU: 04/08/03/008)
Nneamaka sec. school i (PU: 04/08/03/001)
Nneamaka sec. school ii (PU: 04/08/03/002)
Ozalla p/s i (PU: 04/08/03/005)
Ozalla p/s ii (PU: 04/08/03/006)
St. martins p/s ii (PU: 04/08/03/004)
St. martins p/s i (PU: 04/08/03/003)

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Ward: Nawgu i

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Anioma square i (PU: 04/08/04/005)
Anioma square ii (PU: 04/08/04/006)
Ebe akwueso hall (PU: 04/08/04/008)
Ebe ifiteora hall (PU: 04/08/04/007)
Iruka p/s i (PU: 04/08/04/001)
Iruka p/s ii (PU: 04/08/04/002)
Okwudili hall i (PU: 04/08/04/003)
Okwudili hall ii (PU: 04/08/04/004)

Ward:  Nawgu ii

Polling Unit:

(6 Polling Booths )
Community p/s i (PU: 04/08/05/003)
Community p/s ii (PU: 04/08/05/004)
Ebe ollor square i (PU: 04/08/05/005)
Ebe ollor square ii (PU: 04/08/05/006)
Ezimezi square i (PU: 04/08/05/001)
Ezimezi square ii (PU: 04/08/05/002)

Ward: Ukpo i

Polling Unit:

(18 Polling Booths )
Aguafor p/s iii (PU: 04/08/06/018)
Aguafor p/s i (PU: 04/08/06/016)
Aguafor p/s ii (PU: 04/08/06/017)
Akwete sec. school i (PU: 04/08/06/008)
Akwete sec. school ii (PU: 04/08/06/009)
Akwete sec. school iii (PU: 04/08/06/010)
Ekwueme hall i (PU: 04/08/06/005)
Ekwueme hall ii (PU: 04/08/06/006)
Ekwueme hall iii (PU: 04/08/06/007)
Iruagu square i (PU: 04/08/06/014)
Iruagu square ii (PU: 04/08/06/015)
Iruokwumene square i (PU: 04/08/06/011)
Iruokwumene square ii (PU: 04/08/06/012)
Iruokwumene square iii (PU: 04/08/06/013)
Unity p/s i (PU: 04/08/06/001)
Unity p/s ii (PU: 04/08/06/002)
Unity p/s iii (PU: 04/08/06/003)
Unity p/s iv (PU: 04/08/06/004)

Ward: Ukpo ii

Polling Unit:

(11 Polling Booths )
Central school i (PU: 04/08/07/010)
Central school ii (PU: 04/08/07/011)
Ebeogidi isiekwulu i (PU: 04/08/07/005)
Ebeogidi isiekwulu ii (PU: 04/08/07/006)
Irubuchi kindergaten i (PU: 04/08/07/003)
Irubuchi kindergaten ii (PU: 04/08/07/004)
Obioma p/s i (PU: 04/08/07/007)
Obioma p/s iii (PU: 04/08/07/009)
Obioma p/s ii (PU: 04/08/07/008)
Okpatu mem. school i (PU: 04/08/07/001)
Okpatu mem. school ii (PU: 04/08/07/002)

Ward: Ukpo iii

Polling Unit:

(14 Polling Booths )
Amugu kindergaten i (PU: 04/08/08/012)
Amugu kindergaten ii (PU: 04/08/08/013)
Amugu kindergaten iii (PU: 04/08/08/014)
B.s.s ukpo i (PU: 04/08/08/007)
B.s.s. ukpo ii (PU: 04/08/08/008)
Ebeogidi square i (PU: 04/08/08/004)
Ebeogidi square ii (PU: 04/08/08/005)
Ebeogidi square iii (PU: 04/08/08/006)
Ncheke square i (PU: 04/08/08/009)
Ncheke square ii (PU: 04/08/08/010)
Ncheke square iii (PU: 04/08/08/011)
Obunagu akpu square i (PU: 04/08/08/001)
Obunagu akpu square ii (PU: 04/08/08/002)
Obunagu akpu square iii (PU: 04/08/08/003)

Ward: Ukwulu i

Polling Unit:

(6 Polling Booths )
Ama adagbe hall i (PU: 04/08/09/005)
Ama adagbe hall ii (PU: 04/08/09/006)
Ama akpaka hall i (PU: 04/08/09/003)
Ama akpaka hall ii (PU: 04/08/09/004)
Obinwanne hall i (PU: 04/08/09/001)
Obinwanne hall ii (PU: 04/08/09/002)

Ward: Ukwulu ii

Polling Unit:

(8 Polling Booths )
Central school i (PU: 04/08/10/001)
Central school ii (PU: 04/08/10/002)
Central school iii (PU: 04/08/10/003)
Ebeisi ukwulu i (PU: 04/08/10/006)
Ebeisi ukwulu ii (PU: 04/08/10/007)
Ebeisi ukwulu iii (PU: 04/08/10/008)
Udodimma p/s i (PU: 04/08/10/004)
Udodimma p/s ii (PU: 04/08/10/005)

Ward: Umudioka i

Polling Unit:

(9 Polling Booths )
Abor p/s (PU: 04/08/11/009)
Okpuru umuezekwo i (PU: 04/08/11/003)
Okpuru umuezekwo ii (PU: 04/08/11/004)
Umuezekwo hall i (PU: 04/08/11/001)
Umuezekwo hall ii (PU: 04/08/11/002)
Uruagu c/s i (PU: 04/08/11/007)
Uruagu c/s ii (PU: 04/08/11/008)
Uruwowelle square i (PU: 04/08/11/005)
Uruwowelle square ii (PU: 04/08/11/006)

Ward: Umudioka ii

Polling Unit:

(12 Polling Booths )
Aforigwe p/s i (PU: 04/08/12/005)
Aforigwe p/s ii (PU: 04/08/12/006)
Akpom square i (PU: 04/08/12/003)
Akpom square ii (PU: 04/08/12/004)
Iloumuchigbo square i (PU: 04/08/12/009)
Iloumuchigbo square ii (PU: 04/08/12/010)
Obalaora square i (PU: 04/08/12/011)
Obalaora square ii (PU: 04/08/12/012)
St. michael’s school i (PU: 04/08/12/007)
St. michael’s school ii (PU: 04/08/12/008)
Umuezechua p/s i (PU: 04/08/12/001)
Umuezechua p/s ii (PU: 04/08/12/002)

Ward: Umunnachi i

Polling Unit:

(9 Polling Booths )
Iloagu square i (PU: 04/08/13/008)
Iloagu square ii (PU: 04/08/13/009)
Nagbana village square i (PU: 04/08/13/001)
Nagbana village square ii (PU: 04/08/13/002)
Nagbana village square iii (PU: 04/08/13/003)
Nwayobuije hall i (PU: 04/08/13/004)
Nwayobuije hall ii (PU: 04/08/13/005)
Nwayobuije hall iii (PU: 04/08/13/006)
Nwayobuije hall iv (PU: 04/08/13/007)

Ward: Umunnachi ii

Polling Unit:

(11 Polling Booths )
Central school i (PU: 04/08/14/010)
Central school ii (PU: 04/08/14/011)
Iloagu square i (PU: 04/08/14/005)
Iloagu square ii (PU: 04/08/14/006)
Iloagu square iii (PU: 04/08/14/007)
Iloaroagu i (PU: 04/08/14/008)
Iloaroagu ii (PU: 04/08/14/009)
Obiechi p/s i (PU: 04/08/14/001)
Obiechi p/s ii (PU: 04/08/14/002)
Umueze eziagu square i (PU: 04/08/14/003)
Umueze eziagu square ii (PU: 04/08/14/004)

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