Economic Importance of Farm Animals

Farm animals has alot of economic importance which are listed belowWe have economic importance of farm animals and some of them are listed below:-
-Provision of hides and skin for the production of leather bags,shoes,mobile bags ETC…
-Animal products are good source of protein like eggs,meats ETC…
-The animals faeces serves as a good farm yard manure Like cow dung ETC…
-They generates employment for young graduates like going into commercial farming ETC…
-They serves as source of income to farmers through sales of farm produce.
-They are used in sports and games,an example is house for polo.
-They help in pest control
-They produce young stocks for breeding.
-Some draught animals are used for tillage and transportation.
-Some of them plays a significant role in culture maintenance.
-They serve as a supplement in food like egg.
Now we can see the economic importance of farm animals clearly. Good luck.

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