Egor L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Egor-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Egor primary school, egor i (PU: 12/02/04/001)
Egor primary school, egor ii (PU: 12/02/04/002)
Egor primary school, egor iii (PU: 12/02/04/003)
Egor sec. school, egor i (PU: 12/02/04/004)
Egor sec. school, egor ii (PU: 12/02/04/005)
P & t training sch, egor (PU: 12/02/04/009)
Tipper garage, egor (PU: 12/02/04/006)
Tipper garage/,market square, egor ii (PU: 12/02/04/008)
Tipper garage/market square, egor i (PU: 12/02/04/007)

  • Evbareke-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Adams int. sch., evbareke i (PU: 12/02/06/008)
Adams int. sch., evbareke ii (PU: 12/02/06/009)
Aka int. sch. , evbareke i (PU: 12/02/06/015)
Aka int. sch. , evbareke iii (PU: 12/02/06/017)
Aka int. sch., evbareke ii (PU: 12/02/06/016)
Baso int. sch. , evbareke ii (PU: 12/02/06/007)
Baso int. sch., evbareke i (PU: 12/02/06/006)
Evbareke gram sch. , evbareke iii (PU: 12/02/06/012)
Evbareke gram sch. , evbareke v (PU: 12/02/06/014)
Evbareke gram sch., evbareke i (PU: 12/02/06/010)
Evbareke gram sch., evbareke iv (PU: 12/02/06/013)
Evbareke gram sch., evbareke ii (PU: 12/02/06/011)
Udens int. sch., evbareke i (PU: 12/02/06/001)
Udens int. sch., evbareke ii (PU: 12/02/06/002)
Udens int. sch., evbareke iii (PU: 12/02/06/003)
Under a tree by uwelu rd., evbareke i (PU: 12/02/06/004)
Under a tree by uwelu rd., evbareke ii (PU: 12/02/06/005)

  • Ogida/use-Wards

(20 Polling Booths )
Blessed assurance nur/primary school (PU: 12/02/03/020)
Enina nur/primary school ogida ii (PU: 12/02/03/010)
Enina nur/primary school, ogida i (PU: 12/02/03/009)
Eweka primary school use i (PU: 12/02/03/012)
Eweka primary school use ii (PU: 12/02/03/013)
Eweka primary school use iii (PU: 12/02/03/014)
Eweka primary school use iv (PU: 12/02/03/015)
Eweka primary school use v (PU: 12/02/03/016)
Hopewell group of sch. use (PU: 12/02/03/011)
Ogida motor park ogida vi (PU: 12/02/03/006)
Ogida motor park, ogida i (PU: 12/02/03/001)
Ogida motor park, ogida ii (PU: 12/02/03/002)
Ogida motor park, ogida iv (PU: 12/02/03/004)
Ogida motor park, ogida v (PU: 12/02/03/005)
Ogida motor park, ogida iii (PU: 12/02/03/003)
Ogida primary school ogida i (PU: 12/02/03/007)
Ogida primary school, ogida ii (PU: 12/02/03/008)
Use sch. school, use ii (PU: 12/02/03/019)
Use sec. school use i (PU: 12/02/03/018)
Use town hall use (PU: 12/02/03/017)

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  • Okhoro-Wards

Ayela uwangue nur/pri. school , okhoro ii-ii (PU: 12/02/09/010)
Ayela uwangue nur/pri. school, okhoro ii-i (PU: 12/02/09/009)
Eghosa gram sch. , okhoro i- ii (PU: 12/02/09/002)
Eghosa gram sch. , okhoro i-vii (PU: 12/02/09/007)
Eghosa gram sch., okhoro i -i (PU: 12/02/09/001)
Eghosa gram sch., okhoro i -iii (PU: 12/02/09/003)
Eghosa gram sch., okhoro i -iv (PU: 12/02/09/004)
Eghosa gram sch., okhoro i-v (PU: 12/02/09/005)
Eghosa gram sch., okhoro i-vi (PU: 12/02/09/006)
Eghosa gram sch., okhoro i-viii (PU: 12/02/09/008)
Okhoro livestock , okhoro ii-i (PU: 12/02/09/011)
Okhoro livestock , okhoro ii-iii (PU: 12/02/09/013)
Okhoro livestock , okhoro ii-v (PU: 12/02/09/015)
Okhoro livestock, okhoro ii-ii (PU: 12/02/09/012)
Okhoro livestock, okhoro ii-iv (PU: 12/02/09/014)
Okhoro police post, okhoro ii-iii (PU: 12/02/09/018)
Okhoro police post, okhoro ii-ii (PU: 12/02/09/017)
Okhoro police station, okhoro ii-i (PU: 12/02/09/016)
Okhoro primary school, okhoro ii-i (PU: 12/02/09/019)
Okhoro primary school, okhoro ii-ii (PU: 12/02/09/020)

  • Oliha-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Abraka standard nur. school, oliha vi (PU: 12/02/02/006)
Abraka standard nur. school, oliha vii (PU: 12/02/02/007)
Aunty maria nur/primary school, oliha iv (PU: 12/02/02/004)
Aunty maria nur/primary school, oliha i (PU: 12/02/02/001)
Aunty maria nur/primary school, oliha ii (PU: 12/02/02/002)
Aunty maria nur/primary school, oliha iii (PU: 12/02/02/003)
Aunty maria nur/primary school, oliha v (PU: 12/02/02/005)
Jossy wisdom nur/primary school, oliha i (PU: 12/02/02/010)
Jossy wisdom nur/primary school, oliha ii (PU: 12/02/02/011)
Jossy wisdom nur/primary school, oliha iii (PU: 12/02/02/012)
Nightingale nur/primary school, oliha i (PU: 12/02/02/013)
Nightingale nur/primary school, oliha ii (PU: 12/02/02/014)
Oronmiyan primary school, oliha i (PU: 12/02/02/008)
Oronmiyan primary school, oliha ii (PU: 12/02/02/009)

  • Otubu-Wards

(17 Polling Booths )
Aruosa primary school, evbuotubu i (PU: 12/02/01/012)
Aruosa primary school, evbuotubu ii (PU: 12/02/01/013)
Asoro gram sch. evbuotubu i (PU: 12/02/01/001)
Asoro gram. sch. evbuotubu ii (PU: 12/02/01/002)
Evbuotubu health centre, evbuotubu (PU: 12/02/01/011)
Evbuotubu primary school, evbuotubu i (PU: 12/02/01/007)
Evbuotubu primary school, evbuotubu ii (PU: 12/02/01/008)
Evbuotubu sc. scho0l, evbuotubu (PU: 12/02/01/004)
Evbuotubu sec. school (PU: 12/02/01/003)
Evbuotubu town hall, evbuotubu i (PU: 12/02/01/009)
Evbuotubu town hall, evbuotubu ii (PU: 12/02/01/010)
Ogbomwan primary school, evbuotubu (PU: 12/02/01/017)
Omo nursery primary school, evbuotubu ii (PU: 12/02/01/006)
Omo nusery primary school, evbuotubu i (PU: 12/02/01/005)
Ugbikhoko primary school, evbuotubu (PU: 12/02/01/016)
Urumwon primary school, evbuotubu i (PU: 12/02/01/014)
Urumwon primary school, evbuotubu ii (PU: 12/02/01/015)

  • Ugbowo-Wards

(23 Polling Booths )
Adolor college, ugbowo ii-i (PU: 12/02/10/013)
Adolor college, ugbowo ii-ii (PU: 12/02/10/014)
Adolor college, ugbowo ii-iii (PU: 12/02/10/015)
Adolor college, ugbowo ii-iv (PU: 12/02/10/017)
Adolor college, ugbowo (PU: 12/02/10/016)
B.d.p.a. , ugbowo ii-ii (PU: 12/02/10/021)
B.d.p.a., ugbowo ii-i (PU: 12/02/10/020)
Benin technical college, ugbowo i (PU: 12/02/10/003)
Eweka gram sch., ugbowo i-i (PU: 12/02/10/007)
Eweka gram sch., ugbowo i-ii (PU: 12/02/10/008)
Iyoba college, ugbowo i-i (PU: 12/02/10/004)
Iyoba college, ugbowo i-ii (PU: 12/02/10/005)
Iyoba college, ugbowo i-iii (PU: 12/02/10/006)
L.g.a. council sect. , ugbowo i-i (PU: 12/02/10/001)
L.g.a. council sect. , ugbowo i-ii (PU: 12/02/10/002)
Ohonre gram sch. , ugbowo ii-i (PU: 12/02/10/018)
Ohonre gram sch. , ugbowo ii-ii (PU: 12/02/10/019)
Ubth police post, ugbowo ii-i (PU: 12/02/10/022)
Ubth police post, ugbowo ii-ii (PU: 12/02/10/023)
Ugbowo primary sch., ugbowo ii-i (PU: 12/02/10/009)
Ugbowo primary sch., ugbowo ii-iii (PU: 12/02/10/011)
Ugbowo primary sch., ugbowo ii-iv (PU: 12/02/10/012)
Ugbowo primary sch., ugbowo ii-ii (PU: 12/02/10/010)

  • Uselu i-Wards

(19 Polling Booths )
Fed. road/public field, uselu ii -i (PU: 12/02/07/013)
Fed. road/public field, uselu ii-ii (PU: 12/02/07/014)
Fed. road/public field, uselu ii-iii (PU: 12/02/07/015)
Fed. road/public field, uselu ii-iv (PU: 12/02/07/016)
Olua primary school, uselu i-vi (PU: 12/02/07/008)
Olua primary school, uselu i-vii (PU: 12/02/07/009)
Olua primary school, uselu i – i (PU: 12/02/07/003)
Olua primary school, uselu i – ii (PU: 12/02/07/004)
Olua primary school, uselu i- iii (PU: 12/02/07/005)
Olua primary school, uselu i-iv (PU: 12/02/07/006)
Olua primary school, uselu i-v (PU: 12/02/07/007)
Olua primary school, uselu i-viii (PU: 12/02/07/010)
Paramount nur/primary school , uselu ii -iii (PU: 12/02/07/019)
Paramount nur/primary school , uselu ii-i (PU: 12/02/07/017)
Paramount nur/primary school, uselu ii – ii (PU: 12/02/07/018)
Uselu motor park, uselu i-i (PU: 12/02/07/011)
Uselu motor park, uselu i-ii (PU: 12/02/07/012)
Uselu town hall , uselu i-i (PU: 12/02/07/001)
Uselu town hall, uselu i-ii (PU: 12/02/07/002)

  • Uselu ii-Wards

(19 Polling Booths )
Edaiken primary school , edaiken i (PU: 12/02/08/013)
Edaiken primary school , edaiken v (PU: 12/02/08/012)
Edaiken primary school, edaiken iii (PU: 12/02/08/015)
Edaiken primary school, edaiken iv (PU: 12/02/08/016)
Edaiken primary school, edaiken v (PU: 12/02/08/017)
Edaiken primary school, edaiken ii (PU: 12/02/08/014)
Golden touch sec. sch. , edaiken i (PU: 12/02/08/008)
Golden touch sec. sch. , edaiken iii (PU: 12/02/08/010)
Golden touch sec. sch., edaiken ii (PU: 12/02/08/009)
Golden touch sec. sch., edaiken iv (PU: 12/02/08/011)
Universal comm hall/public field, edaiken i (PU: 12/02/08/018)
Universal comm hall/public field, edaiken ii (PU: 12/02/08/019)
Uselu sec. school , uselu ii-i (PU: 12/02/08/001)
Uselu sec. school, uselu ii-ii (PU: 12/02/08/002)
Uselu sec. school, uselu ii-iv (PU: 12/02/08/004)
Uselu sec. school, uselu ii-v (PU: 12/02/08/005)
Uselu sec. school, uselu ii-vi (PU: 12/02/08/006)
Uselu sec. school, uselu ii-vii (PU: 12/02/08/007)
Uselu sec. school, uselu ii-iii (PU: 12/02/08/003)

  • Uwelu-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Amegor primary school, , uwelu ii (PU: 12/02/05/002)
Amegor primary school, uwelu i (PU: 12/02/05/001)
Amegor primary school, uwelu iii (PU: 12/02/05/003)
Police children sch. , uwelu ii (PU: 12/02/05/012)
Police children sch., uwelu i (PU: 12/02/05/011)
Uwelu health centre, uwelu i (PU: 12/02/05/009)
Uwelu health centre, uwelu ii (PU: 12/02/05/010)
Uwelu road/uwasota junct. , uwelu i (PU: 12/02/05/007)
Uwelu road/uwasota junct. , uwelu ii (PU: 12/02/05/008)
Uwelu sec. school, uwelu (PU: 12/02/05/006)
Uwelu sec. school, uwelu i (PU: 12/02/05/004)
Uwelu sec. school, uwelu ii (PU: 12/02/05/005)

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