Ekwusigo L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

12 wards

Amakwa ii wards 

(12 Polling Booths )
Amakwa central school i (PU: 04/09/11/001)
Amakwa central school ii (PU: 04/09/11/002)
Amakwa community school i (PU: 04/09/11/003)
Amakwa community school ii (PU: 04/09/11/004)
Amakwa community school iii (PU: 04/09/11/005)
Three corner centre i (PU: 04/09/11/006)
Three corner centre ii (PU: 04/09/11/007)
Three corner centre iii (PU: 04/09/11/008)
Umudoma hall i (PU: 04/09/11/009)
Umudoma hall ii (PU: 04/09/11/010)
Umudoma hall iii (PU: 04/09/11/011)
Umudoma hall iv (PU: 04/09/11/012)

Ichi ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Enugwu aja village hall i (PU: 04/09/01/013)
Enugwu aja vllage hall ii (PU: 04/09/01/014)
Ichi community pry. school iii (PU: 04/09/01/009)
Ichi community pry. school i (PU: 04/09/01/007)
Ichi community pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/01/008)
Ichi community pry. school iv (PU: 04/09/01/010)
Ichi pry. school i (PU: 04/09/01/001)
Ichi pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/01/002)
Ichi pry. school iii (PU: 04/09/01/003)
Ichi pry. school iv (PU: 04/09/01/004)
Oka village hall i (PU: 04/09/01/005)
Oka village hall ii (PU: 04/09/01/006)
Unity pry. school i (PU: 04/09/01/011)
Unity pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/01/012)

Ihembosi/anaubahu Ward 

(9 Polling Booths )
Edeka square i (PU: 04/09/02/005)
Edeka square ii (PU: 04/09/02/006)
Ndegwu square (PU: 04/09/02/009)
Otukwe hall (PU: 04/09/02/004)
St. philips play ground i (PU: 04/09/02/007)
St. philips play ground ii (PU: 04/09/02/008)
Ubahu community pry. school (PU: 04/09/02/003)
Umunakwa hall i (PU: 04/09/02/001)
Umunakwa hall ii (PU: 04/09/02/002)

Ihiteoha Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Ihembosi central school (PU: 04/09/12/003)
Obom mbaise (PU: 04/09/12/006)
Uhualor pry. school i (PU: 04/09/12/004)
Uhualor pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/12/005)
Umuabu pry. school i (PU: 04/09/12/001)
Umuabu pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/12/002)
Umuabu/uhualor square i (PU: 04/09/12/009)
Umuabu/uhualor square ii (PU: 04/09/12/010)
Umuohi hall i (PU: 04/09/12/007)
Umuohi hall ii (PU: 04/09/12/008)

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Oraifite i Ward 

(20 Polling Booths )
Central school nkwo edo i (PU: 04/09/03/011)
Central school nkwo edo ii (PU: 04/09/03/012)
Ibolo central school i (PU: 04/09/03/001)
Ibolo central school ii (PU: 04/09/03/002)
Ibolo community school i (PU: 04/09/03/003)
Ibolo community school ii (PU: 04/09/03/004)
Obi isingwu village square (PU: 04/09/03/017)
Obi umuodum isingwu square i (PU: 04/09/03/013)
Obi umuodum isingwu square ii (PU: 04/09/03/014)
Ogbeumuezeopi village square i (PU: 04/09/03/009)
Ogbeumuezeopi village square ii (PU: 04/09/03/010)
Okpuno hall, ibolo i (PU: 04/09/03/019)
Okpuno hall, ibolo ii (PU: 04/09/03/020)
St. mary’s isingwu (PU: 04/09/03/008)
Umuenwe market square (PU: 04/09/03/018)
Umuezeani hall ibolo ii (PU: 04/09/03/016)
Umuezeani hall, ibolo i (PU: 04/09/03/015)
Umuezeopi community school i (PU: 04/09/03/006)
Umuezeopi community school ii (PU: 04/09/03/007)
Unity pry. school (PU: 04/09/03/005)

Oraifite ii Ward 

(20 Polling Booths )
Amakom community school i (PU: 04/09/04/008)
Amakom community school ii (PU: 04/09/04/009)
Awor community school i (PU: 04/09/04/001)
Awor community school ii (PU: 04/09/04/002)
Awor community school iii (PU: 04/09/04/003)
Awor community school iv (PU: 04/09/04/004)
Ifite central school i (PU: 04/09/04/005)
Ifite central school ii (PU: 04/09/04/006)
Ifite community school (PU: 04/09/04/007)
Obom awor i (PU: 04/09/04/012)
Obom awor ii (PU: 04/09/04/013)
Obom urudunu i (PU: 04/09/04/016)
Obom urudunu ii (PU: 04/09/04/017)
Umuechime umunakwa i (PU: 04/09/04/010)
Umuechime umunakwa ii (PU: 04/09/04/011)
Umuokpala centre (PU: 04/09/04/018)
Union pry. school i (PU: 04/09/04/019)
Union pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/04/020)
Uruezeakwa centre i (PU: 04/09/04/014)
Uruezeakwa centre ii (PU: 04/09/04/015)

Oraifite iii Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Ezumeri community school i (PU: 04/09/05/001)
Ezumeri community school ii (PU: 04/09/05/002)
Ezumeri hall i (PU: 04/09/05/007)
Ezumeri hall ii (PU: 04/09/05/008)
Irefi central school i (PU: 04/09/05/003)
Irefi central school ii (PU: 04/09/05/004)
Irefi central school iii (PU: 04/09/05/005)
Irefi central school iv (PU: 04/09/05/006)
Irefi civic centre (PU: 04/09/05/014)
Irefi health clinic i (PU: 04/09/05/011)
Irefi health clinic ii (PU: 04/09/05/012)
Obi nkalafia (umudagbam) (PU: 04/09/05/013)
Ogbe school hall, ezumeri i (PU: 04/09/05/009)
Ogbe school hall, ezumeri ii (PU: 04/09/05/010)

Ozubulu i Ward 

(12 Polling Booths )
Obi’s palace i (PU: 04/09/06/005)
Obi’s palace ii (PU: 04/09/06/006)
Obi’s palace iii (PU: 04/09/06/007)
Obi’s palace iv (PU: 04/09/06/008)
Orumba pry. school i (PU: 04/09/06/003)
Orumba pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/06/004)
Umuezekwe amankhike hall i (PU: 04/09/06/011)
Umuezekwe amankhike hall ii (PU: 04/09/06/012)
Umuezekwe ofufe hall i (PU: 04/09/06/009)
Umuezekwe ofufe hall ii (PU: 04/09/06/010)
Umuotutu hall i (PU: 04/09/06/001)
Umuotutu hall ii (PU: 04/09/06/002)

Ozubulu ii Ward 

(15 Polling Booths )
Egbema isiafor square i (PU: 04/09/07/014)
Egbema isiafor square ii (PU: 04/09/07/015)
Ezeachugha i (PU: 04/09/07/001)
Ezeachugha ii (PU: 04/09/07/002)
Ezeachugha iii (PU: 04/09/07/003)
Obi inyaba palace ii (PU: 04/09/07/010)
Obi inyaba papace i (PU: 04/09/07/009)
Obi inyaba papace iii (PU: 04/09/07/011)
Umukweyim hall i (PU: 04/09/07/004)
Umukweyim hall ii (PU: 04/09/07/005)
Umuonuagwu square i (PU: 04/09/07/012)
Umuonuagwu square ii (PU: 04/09/07/013)
Uruokwe central school i (PU: 04/09/07/006)
Uruokwe central school ii (PU: 04/09/07/007)
Uruokwe central school iii (PU: 04/09/07/008)

Ozubulu iii Ward

(18 Polling Booths )
Abito/ezike hall i (PU: 04/09/08/011)
Abito/ezike hall ii (PU: 04/09/08/012)
Abito/ezike hall iii (PU: 04/09/08/013)
Abito/ezike hall iv (PU: 04/09/08/014)
Egbema community school i (PU: 04/09/08/001)
Egbema community school ii (PU: 04/09/08/002)
Umuezena hall i (PU: 04/09/08/015)
Umuezena hall ii (PU: 04/09/08/016)
Umuezena hall iii (PU: 04/09/08/017)
Umuezena hall iv (PU: 04/09/08/018)
Umuonwuka hall i (PU: 04/09/08/003)
Umuonwuka hall ii (PU: 04/09/08/004)
Umuonwuka hall iii (PU: 04/09/08/005)
Umuonwuka hall iv (PU: 04/09/08/006)
Uruezi community school i (PU: 04/09/08/007)
Uruezi community school ii (PU: 04/09/08/008)
Urumabiam hall i (PU: 04/09/08/009)
Urumabiam hall ii (PU: 04/09/08/010)

Ozubulu iv Ward 

(21 Polling Booths )
Afia nkwo square i (PU: 04/09/09/020)
Afia nkwo square ii (PU: 04/09/09/021)
Akwa community school i (PU: 04/09/09/012)
Akwa community school ii (PU: 04/09/09/013)
Alam village hall i (PU: 04/09/09/014)
Alam village hall ii (PU: 04/09/09/015)
Enugwu eziora hall i (PU: 04/09/09/004)
Enugwu eziora hall ii (PU: 04/09/09/005)
Ezemnwelike hall i (PU: 04/09/09/008)
Ezemnwelike hall ii (PU: 04/09/09/009)
Eziora central school i (PU: 04/09/09/001)
Eziora central school ii (PU: 04/09/09/002)
Eziora central school iii (PU: 04/09/09/003)
Ubaha village hall ii (PU: 04/09/09/017)
Ubahu village hall i (PU: 04/09/09/016)
Ukunu community school i (PU: 04/09/09/010)
Ukunu community school ii (PU: 04/09/09/011)
Umuanyaegbu hall i (PU: 04/09/09/018)
Umuanyaegbu hall ii (PU: 04/09/09/019)
Urumeche hall i (PU: 04/09/09/006)
Urumeche hall ii (PU: 04/09/09/007)

Ozubulu v Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Ezeokpo central school i (PU: 04/09/10/005)
Ezeokpo central school ii (PU: 04/09/10/006)
Nza central school i (PU: 04/09/10/001)
Nza central school ii (PU: 04/09/10/002)
Nza pry. school i (PU: 04/09/10/003)
Nza pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/10/004)
Obi nza square i (PU: 04/09/10/007)
Obi nza square ii (PU: 04/09/10/008)
Zixton pry. school i (PU: 04/09/10/009)
Zixton pry. school ii (PU: 04/09/10/010)

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