Enugu East L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Abakpa i-Wards

(33 Polling Booths )
Abakaliki road primary school i (PU: 14/03/01/028)
Abakaliki road primary school ii (PU: 14/03/01/029)
Abakaliki road primary school iii (PU: 14/03/01/030)
Abakaliki road primary school iv (PU: 14/03/01/031)
Abakpa girls sec. sch. i (PU: 14/03/01/032)
Abakpa girls sec. sch. ii (PU: 14/03/01/033)
Abakpa village primary school i (PU: 14/03/01/001)
Abakpa village primary school ii (PU: 14/03/01/002)
Abakpa village primary school iii (PU: 14/03/01/003)
Abakpa village primary school iv (PU: 14/03/01/004)
Abakpa village primary school ix (PU: 14/03/01/009)
Abakpa village primary school v (PU: 14/03/01/005)
Abakpa village primary school vi (PU: 14/03/01/006)
Abakpa village primary school vii (PU: 14/03/01/007)
Abakpa village primary school viii (PU: 14/03/01/008)
Abakpa village primary school x (PU: 14/03/01/010)
Abakpa village primary school xi (PU: 14/03/01/011)
Housing estate primary school i (PU: 14/03/01/012)
Housing estate primary school ii (PU: 14/03/01/013)
Housing estate primary school iii (PU: 14/03/01/014)
Housing estate primary school iv (PU: 14/03/01/015)
Housing estate primary school ix (PU: 14/03/01/020)
Housing estate primary school v (PU: 14/03/01/016)
Housing estate primary school vi (PU: 14/03/01/017)
Housing estate primary school vii (PU: 14/03/01/018)
Housing estate primary school viii (PU: 14/03/01/019)
Housing estate primary school x (PU: 14/03/01/021)
National grammar school i (PU: 14/03/01/022)
National grammar school ii (PU: 14/03/01/023)
National grammar school iii (PU: 14/03/01/024)
National grammar school iv (PU: 14/03/01/025)
National grammar school v (PU: 14/03/01/026)
National grammar school vi (PU: 14/03/01/027)

  • Abakpa ii-Wards

(21 Polling Booths )
Federal housing primary school i (PU: 14/03/02/020)
Federal housing primary school ii (PU: 14/03/02/021)
Tipper park i (PU: 14/03/02/010)
Tipper park ii (PU: 14/03/02/011)
Tipper park iii (PU: 14/03/02/012)
Tipper park iv (PU: 14/03/02/013)
Tipper park ix (PU: 14/03/02/018)
Tipper park v (PU: 14/03/02/014)
Tipper park vi (PU: 14/03/02/015)
Tipper park vii (PU: 14/03/02/016)
Tipper park viii (PU: 14/03/02/017)
Tipper park x (PU: 14/03/02/019)
Ugwogo/nnaji park i (PU: 14/03/02/001)
Ugwogo/nnaji park ii (PU: 14/03/02/002)
Ugwogo/nnaji park iii (PU: 14/03/02/003)
Ugwogo/nnaji park iv (PU: 14/03/02/004)
Ugwogo/nnaji park ix (PU: 14/03/02/009)
Ugwogo/nnaji park v (PU: 14/03/02/005)
Ugwogo/nnaji park vi (PU: 14/03/02/006)
Ugwogo/nnaji park vii (PU: 14/03/02/007)
Ugwogo/nnaji park viii (PU: 14/03/02/008)

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  • Amorji-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Akama village square (PU: 14/03/04/008)
C.p.s amorji iii (PU: 14/03/04/003)
C.p.s. amorji i (PU: 14/03/04/001)
C.p.s. amorji ii (PU: 14/03/04/002)
C.p.s. amorji iv (PU: 14/03/04/004)
Civic centre amorji iii (PU: 14/03/04/005)
Civic centre i (PU: 14/03/04/006)
Civic centre ii (PU: 14/03/04/007)
Ugbo akama (PU: 14/03/04/009)

  • Ibagwa-nike/edem-Wards

(9 Polling Booths )
Amamkpuma village square (PU: 14/03/10/005)
Edem village square i (PU: 14/03/10/003)
Edem village square ii (PU: 14/03/10/004)
Ibagwa nike square i (PU: 14/03/10/001)
Ibagwa nike square ii (PU: 14/03/10/002)
Ibagwa nike square iii (PU: 14/03/10/006)
Ibagwa nike square iv (PU: 14/03/10/007)
Ugbo iyioku square (PU: 14/03/10/008)
Umunonu village square (PU: 14/03/10/009)

  • Mbulu-njodo east-Wards

(23 Polling Booths )
Akpoga town hall i (PU: 14/03/12/001)
Akpoga town hall ii (PU: 14/03/12/002)
Akpoga town hall iii (PU: 14/03/12/003)
C.p.s. akpoga i (PU: 14/03/12/006)
C.p.s. akpoga ii (PU: 14/03/12/007)
C.p.s. akpoga iii (PU: 14/03/12/008)
C.p.s. ezza akpoga i (PU: 14/03/12/009)
C.p.s. ezza akpoga ii (PU: 14/03/12/010)
C.p.s. ezza akpoga iii (PU: 14/03/12/011)
Cps ezza nkwubo i (PU: 14/03/12/012)
Cps ezza nkwubo ii (PU: 14/03/12/013)
Cps ezza nkwubo iii (PU: 14/03/12/014)
Nkomoro onuogba nike i (PU: 14/03/12/004)
Nkomoro onuogba nike ii (PU: 14/03/12/005)
Nkwubo town square i (PU: 14/03/12/015)
Nkwubo town square ii (PU: 14/03/12/016)
Obinagu ugwuomu i (PU: 14/03/12/020)
Obinagu ugwuomu ii (PU: 14/03/12/021)
Onuogba town square i (PU: 14/03/12/022)
Onuogba town square ii (PU: 14/03/12/023)
Ugwuomu nike i (PU: 14/03/12/017)
Ugwuomu nike ii (PU: 14/03/12/018)
Ugwuomu nike iii (PU: 14/03/12/019)

  • Mbulu-njodo west-Wards

(25 Polling Booths )
Airport primary school i (PU: 14/03/07/020)
Airport primary school ii (PU: 14/03/07/025)
Central school emene i (PU: 14/03/07/005)
Central school emene ii (PU: 14/03/07/006)
Central school emene iii (PU: 14/03/07/007)
Central school emene iv (PU: 14/03/07/008)
Central school emene v (PU: 14/03/07/009)
Central school emene vi (PU: 14/03/07/010)
Centre for disabled (PU: 14/03/07/021)
Nchatancha square i (PU: 14/03/07/018)
Nchatancha square ii (PU: 14/03/07/019)
Nkpologwu primary school i (PU: 14/03/07/022)
Nkpologwu primary school ii (PU: 14/03/07/023)
Nkpologwu primary school iii (PU: 14/03/07/024)
Obinagu town i (PU: 14/03/07/016)
Obinagu town ii (PU: 14/03/07/017)
Practising school emene i (PU: 14/03/07/011)
Practising school emene ii (PU: 14/03/07/012)
Practising school emene iii (PU: 14/03/07/013)
Practising school emene iv (PU: 14/03/07/014)
Practising school emene v (PU: 14/03/07/015)
Town school emene i (PU: 14/03/07/001)
Town school emene ii (PU: 14/03/07/002)
Town school emene iii (PU: 14/03/07/003)
Town school emene iv (PU: 14/03/07/004)

  • Mbuluiyiukwu-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
C.p.s. neke odenigbo i (PU: 14/03/05/011)
C.p.s. neke odenigbo ii (PU: 14/03/05/012)
C.p.s. neke uno i (PU: 14/03/05/009)
C.p.s. neke uno ii (PU: 14/03/05/010)
C.p.s. agbogazi nike i (PU: 14/03/05/005)
C.p.s. agbogazi nike ii (PU: 14/03/05/006)
C.p.s. agbogazi nike iii (PU: 14/03/05/013)
C.p.s. agbogazi nike iv (PU: 14/03/05/014)
C.p.s. ako nike i (PU: 14/03/05/001)
C.p.s. ako nike ii (PU: 14/03/05/002)
C.p.s. ako nike iii (PU: 14/03/05/003)
C.p.s. ako nike iv (PU: 14/03/05/004)
C.p.s. ogbeke nike i (PU: 14/03/05/007)
C.p.s. ogbeke nike ii (PU: 14/03/05/008)

  • Mbuluowehe-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Agu amokpo (PU: 14/03/06/008)
Alulu village square i (PU: 14/03/06/004)
Alulu village square ii (PU: 14/03/06/005)
Alulu village square iii (PU: 14/03/06/006)
Amokpo village square (PU: 14/03/06/011)
C.p.s. amokpo i (PU: 14/03/06/001)
C.p.s. amokpo ii (PU: 14/03/06/002)
C.p.s. amokpo iii (PU: 14/03/06/003)
C.p.s. amokpo iv (PU: 14/03/06/009)
Ezema village square (PU: 14/03/06/012)
Nokpa village square (PU: 14/03/06/010)
Ugbo nokpa (PU: 14/03/06/007)

  • Trans-ekulu-Wards

(28 Polling Booths )
Agu abor hall i (PU: 14/03/09/022)
Agu abor hall ii (PU: 14/03/09/023)
Agu owa i (PU: 14/03/09/017)
Agu owa ii (PU: 14/03/09/018)
Agu owa iii (PU: 14/03/09/019)
Agu owa iv (PU: 14/03/09/020)
Agu owa v (PU: 14/03/09/021)
Open square along umudioka i (PU: 14/03/09/006)
Open square along umudioka ii (PU: 14/03/09/007)
Open square along umudioka iii (PU: 14/03/09/008)
Open square opposite st. philip i (PU: 14/03/09/001)
Open square opposite st. philip ii (PU: 14/03/09/002)
Open square opposite st. philip iii (PU: 14/03/09/003)
Open square opposite st. philip iv (PU: 14/03/09/004)
Open square opposite st. philip v (PU: 14/03/09/005)
School of dental tech. i (PU: 14/03/09/026)
School of dental tech. ii (PU: 14/03/09/027)
Trans ekulu primary school i (PU: 14/03/09/009)
Trans ekulu primary school ii (PU: 14/03/09/010)
Trans ekulu primary school iii (PU: 14/03/09/011)
Trans ekulu primary school iv (PU: 14/03/09/012)
Trans ekulu primary school v (PU: 14/03/09/013)
Trans ekulu primary school vi (PU: 14/03/09/028)
Ugbo odogwu primary school i (PU: 14/03/09/014)
Ugbo odogwu primary school ii (PU: 14/03/09/015)
Ugbo odogwu primary school iii (PU: 14/03/09/016)
Ugbo odogwu primary school iv (PU: 14/03/09/024)
Ugbo odogwu primary school v (PU: 14/03/09/025)

  • Ugwugo nike-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Amakpaka hall i (PU: 14/03/11/008)
Amakpaka hall ii (PU: 14/03/11/009)
Amakpaka hall iii (PU: 14/03/11/010)
C.p.s. ugwogo i (PU: 14/03/11/001)
C.p.s. ugwogo ii (PU: 14/03/11/002)
C.p.s. ugwogo iii (PU: 14/03/11/003)
C.p.s. ugwogo iv (PU: 14/03/11/004)
C.p.s. ugwogo v (PU: 14/03/11/005)
C.p.s. ugwogo vi (PU: 14/03/11/006)
C.p.s. ugwogo vii (PU: 14/03/11/007)
C.p.s. ugwogo viii (PU: 14/03/11/011)

  • Umuchigbo-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Forgeroll junction/udoka layout airport village (PU: 14/03/08/005)
Ugbo ogburugbu i (PU: 14/03/08/007)
Ugbo ogburugbu ii (PU: 14/03/08/008)
Umuchigbo hall (PU: 14/03/08/004)
Umuchigbo hall (PU: 14/03/08/006)
Umuchigbo hall i (PU: 14/03/08/001)
Umuchigbo hall ii (PU: 14/03/08/002)
Umuchigbo hall iii (PU: 14/03/08/003)
Umuchigbo hall vi (PU: 14/03/08/009)
Umuchigbo hall vii (PU: 14/03/08/010)

  • Umuenwene-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Nike town hall (PU: 14/03/03/005)
Nike town hall i (PU: 14/03/03/001)
Nike town hall ii (PU: 14/03/03/002)
Nike town hall iii (PU: 14/03/03/003)
Nike town hall iv (PU: 14/03/03/004)
Obinagu villa (PU: 14/03/03/006)
Obinagu villa (PU: 14/03/03/007)
Obinagu village square i (PU: 14/03/03/008)
Obinagu village square ii (PU: 14/03/03/009)
Ugbo emma i (PU: 14/03/03/010)
Ugbo emma ii (PU: 14/03/03/011)
Ugwueke village square i (PU: 14/03/03/012)
Ugwueke village square ii (PU: 14/03/03/013)

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