Essien Udim L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Adiasim

Polling Unit: 

(11 Polling Booths )
Govt. pry sch, ikot ata enin (PU: 03/05/01/010)
Pry sch, adiasim ikot ekon (PU: 03/05/01/005)
Pry sch, ikot essien ndot (PU: 03/05/01/001)
Pry sch, ikot ono (PU: 03/05/01/008)
Village square, adiasim atai (PU: 03/05/01/006)
Village square, ikot ambut (PU: 03/05/01/007)
Village square, ikot eda (PU: 03/05/01/009)
Village square, ikot essien ndot (PU: 03/05/01/002)
Village square, ikot udo (PU: 03/05/01/004)
Village square, utu ekong (PU: 03/05/01/003)
Village square, utu ikot ukpong (PU: 03/05/01/011)


Ward: Afaha

Polling Unit: 

(14 Polling Booths )
Old market square, ikot ebak (PU: 03/05/02/005)
Pry sch, afaha ikot ebak (PU: 03/05/02/004)
Pry sch, ikot esse. i (PU: 03/05/02/007)
Pry sch, ikot esse. ii (PU: 03/05/02/008)
Pry sch, ikot obong (PU: 03/05/02/006)
Pry sch, nsasak (PU: 03/05/02/011)
Pry sch, nto nsek (PU: 03/05/02/001)
Pry sch, urua akpan (PU: 03/05/02/002)
Village hall, ikot uko (PU: 03/05/02/014)
Village square, ikot ada utor (PU: 03/05/02/013)
Village square, ikot akpan eka (PU: 03/05/02/012)
Village square, ikot akpan essiet (PU: 03/05/02/003)
Village square, ikot obiokon (PU: 03/05/02/009)
Village square, ikot ukpong offiong (PU: 03/05/02/010)

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Ward: Ekpeyong 1

Polling Unit: 

(15 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, midim atan (PU: 03/05/03/011)
V/hall, ekpeyong atai 1 (PU: 03/05/03/001)
V/hall, ikot inyang udo (PU: 03/05/03/010)
V/hall, ntak ekpeyong (PU: 03/05/03/008)
V/hall, nto obio akpan (PU: 03/05/03/002)
V/hall, nto osung (PU: 03/05/03/009)
V/hall, uruk obong ii (PU: 03/05/03/006)
V/hall, utu ekpeyong. i (PU: 03/05/03/004)
V/hall, utu ekpeyong. ii (PU: 03/05/03/005)
Village square, ikot akpan (PU: 03/05/03/014)
Village square, ikot ubo (PU: 03/05/03/015)
Village square, ikot udo esenowo (PU: 03/05/03/003)
Village square, midim atan (PU: 03/05/03/012)
Village square, midim nto udo (PU: 03/05/03/013)
Village square, uruk obong ii (PU: 03/05/03/007)

Ward: Ikpe annang

Polling Unit: 

(18 Polling Booths )
General hospital, mbiaobong ikpe (PU: 03/05/05/011)
New comp. hall, ekpene otom (PU: 03/05/05/018)
Pry sch ikot eside (PU: 03/05/05/004)
Pry sch, ikot ekpe (PU: 03/05/05/009)
Pry sch, mbiabet ikpe (PU: 03/05/05/001)
Sec sch mbiabet ikpe (PU: 03/05/05/002)
V/hall onion ono (PU: 03/05/05/007)
V/hall, ekpene oton (PU: 03/05/05/006)
V/hall, ikpe nung inyang (PU: 03/05/05/013)
Village square, ebe ikpe (PU: 03/05/05/003)
Village square, ekoi ikpe (PU: 03/05/05/008)
Village square, ibam ikpe (PU: 03/05/05/017)
Village square, ikot abiat (PU: 03/05/05/010)
Village square, ikot eside (PU: 03/05/05/005)
Village square, ikpe ikot akpan (PU: 03/05/05/015)
Village square, ikpe ikot ntuen (PU: 03/05/05/016)
Village square, ikpe udok (PU: 03/05/05/014)
Village square, usung idim, mbiaobong ikpe (PU: 03/05/05/012)

Ward: Odoro ikot 1

Polling Unit: 

(10 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot ineme (PU: 03/05/06/003)
Pry sch, ikot umoessien (PU: 03/05/06/002)
V/hall, ikot umoessien (PU: 03/05/06/001)
V/hall, ukana, ikot ntuen (PU: 03/05/06/007)
Village hall, ikot udom obot (PU: 03/05/06/006)
Village square, ekpenyong ufum (PU: 03/05/06/008)
Village square, ikot ekpeyong (PU: 03/05/06/005)
Village square, ikot ineme (PU: 03/05/06/004)
Village square, nto akpa oko (PU: 03/05/06/010)
Village square, ukana mbak ukot (PU: 03/05/06/009)

Ward: Odoro ikot 11

Polling Unit: 

(10 Polling Booths )
Council hall, anwa uyo/ikot idem (PU: 03/05/07/008)
Pry sch, ikot okon (PU: 03/05/07/006)
Pry sch, ikot udu (PU: 03/05/07/010)
Pry sch, ikot utin (PU: 03/05/07/001)
Pry sch. ikot ebok (PU: 03/05/07/004)
Village square, idung esimuk (PU: 03/05/07/009)
Village square, ikot andem (PU: 03/05/07/005)
Village square, ikot ibanga (PU: 03/05/07/002)
Village square, ikot uko (PU: 03/05/07/003)
Village suare ikot idem (PU: 03/05/07/007)

Ward: Okon

Polling Unit: 

(20 Polling Booths )
Convent sch, ikot essien (PU: 03/05/08/002)
Pry sch, ikot essien (PU: 03/05/08/001)
Pry sch, ikot oko (PU: 03/05/08/010)
V/hall ikot ocho (PU: 03/05/08/006)
V/hall umon okon (PU: 03/05/08/005)
V/hall, ifa okon. i (PU: 03/05/08/012)
V/hall, ifa okon. ii (PU: 03/05/08/013)
V/hall, ikot ekpeyong (PU: 03/05/08/015)
V/hall, ikot idem udo (PU: 03/05/08/011)
V/hall, ikot igwe (PU: 03/05/08/016)
V/hall, ikot nya (PU: 03/05/08/004)
V/hall, nto ubiam (PU: 03/05/08/008)
V/hall, nyi okon (PU: 03/05/08/017)
Village square, ikot ama (PU: 03/05/08/007)
Village square, ikot ekefre (PU: 03/05/08/014)
Village square, ikot udo okure (PU: 03/05/08/018)
Village square, ikot uko etor (PU: 03/05/08/003)
Village square, ikpe okon (PU: 03/05/08/019)
Village square, nto okpo (PU: 03/05/08/009)
Village square, ufuku okon (PU: 03/05/08/020)

Ward: Ukana east

Polling Unit: 

(24 Polling Booths )
Ikot ofok, pry sch (PU: 03/05/09/020)
Pry sch, ikot esodomo (PU: 03/05/09/011)
Pry sch, ukana una east i (PU: 03/05/09/017)
Pry sch, ukana una east ii (PU: 03/05/09/018)
V/hall, ikot akpan essien i (PU: 03/05/09/021)
V/hall, ikot akpan essien ii (PU: 03/05/09/022)
V/hall, ikot nkwa (PU: 03/05/09/001)
V/hall, ikot offiong etor (PU: 03/05/09/024)
V/hall, ikot osom (PU: 03/05/09/023)
Village square, iboho (PU: 03/05/09/012)
Village square, ikot akpabin (PU: 03/05/09/016)
Village square, ikot akpan efia (PU: 03/05/09/009)
Village square, ikot akpan efia (PU: 03/05/09/010)
Village square, ikot akpan essang (PU: 03/05/09/014)
Village square, ikot akpan inyang (PU: 03/05/09/007)
Village square, ikot andem (PU: 03/05/09/005)
Village square, ikot ekon (PU: 03/05/09/008)
Village square, ikot eso (PU: 03/05/09/019)
Village square, ikot essien (PU: 03/05/09/013)
Village square, ikot etan (PU: 03/05/09/006)
Village square, ikot obong edong i (PU: 03/05/09/002)
Village square, ikot obong edong ii (PU: 03/05/09/003)
Village square, ikot offiong (PU: 03/05/09/015)
Village square, ukana nsasak (PU: 03/05/09/004)

Ward: Ukana west 1

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot ukpong etor (PU: 03/05/10/002)
V/hall, ikot afanga (PU: 03/05/10/005)
V/hall, ikot akan (PU: 03/05/10/003)
V/hall, ntak ikot akpan (PU: 03/05/10/007)
Village hall, ukana uwa west (PU: 03/05/10/001)
Village square, ikot otu (PU: 03/05/10/006)
Village square, ikot udo ekrat (PU: 03/05/10/004)

Ward: Ukana west 11

Polling Unit:

(18 Polling Booths )
Independence high sch, ukana ikot ntuen (PU: 03/05/11/009)
Pry sch, ukana (okop akama) (PU: 03/05/11/012)
St aloysius pry sch, akpautong (PU: 03/05/11/005)
V/hall, akpa utong (PU: 03/05/11/004)
V/hall, ikot akpan ntia (PU: 03/05/11/002)
V/hall, ikot edet (PU: 03/05/11/001)
V/hall, ikot okwo etim (PU: 03/05/11/018)
V/hall, onuk ikot ngwo (PU: 03/05/11/010)
V/hall, onuk ikotosom (PU: 03/05/11/011)
V/hall, onuk nkop ekpo (PU: 03/05/11/007)
V/hall, ukana ikot ide (PU: 03/05/11/013)
Village square, atan ikot okoro (PU: 03/05/11/016)
Village square, ikot akpabio (PU: 03/05/11/008)
Village square, ikot ayara (PU: 03/05/11/003)
Village square, ikot udo etim (PU: 03/05/11/014)
Village square, ikot udo idem (PU: 03/05/11/006)
Village square, ikot udo inam (PU: 03/05/11/015)
Village square, ukana onuk (PU: 03/05/11/017)

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