Etung L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Abia Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Abia adc office block (PU: 09/10/01/003)
Abia play ground (PU: 09/10/01/002)
Abia town hall (PU: 09/10/01/001)
Bijah play ground (PU: 09/10/01/005)
Bijah primary school (PU: 09/10/01/006)
Primary school, abia (PU: 09/10/01/004)

Abijang Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Play ground, agbotae (PU: 09/10/02/003)
Primary school etara (PU: 09/10/02/007)
Primary school, abijang (PU: 09/10/02/001)
Primary school, ekuri (PU: 09/10/02/006)
Town hall abijang (PU: 09/10/02/002)
Town hall, ekuri (PU: 09/10/02/005)
Town hall, etara (PU: 09/10/02/004)

Agbokim Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Agbokim junction inf. of adc w/shop (PU: 09/10/03/002)
Agbokim waterfall play ground (PU: 09/10/03/001)
Cara boat ii, along agbokim road (PU: 09/10/03/003)
Cara boat iii, shade along abia road (PU: 09/10/03/004)
Cara boat iii, shade along abia road (PU: 09/10/03/005)
Cara boat iv, open space (PU: 09/10/03/007)
Ekukate town hall (PU: 09/10/03/006)

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Ajassor Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Ajassor four conners (PU: 09/10/04/005)
Ajassor play ground (PU: 09/10/04/001)
Ajassor primary school (PU: 09/10/04/006)
Ajassor town hall (PU: 09/10/04/002)
Mfum primary school (PU: 09/10/04/007)
Open space, mbabiakare (PU: 09/10/04/004)
Shed in crin (PU: 09/10/04/003)

Bendeghe ekiem Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
Agbor oru town hall (PU: 09/10/05/007)
Agrigon town hall (PU: 09/10/05/001)
Ayork i, town hall (PU: 09/10/05/002)
Ayork ii, play ground (PU: 09/10/05/003)
Bus stop ekimkae (PU: 09/10/05/013)
E.c.s.s. secondary school, etung (PU: 09/10/05/012)
Echinjok play ground (PU: 09/10/05/004)
Ekimaya play ground (PU: 09/10/05/009)
Mba ogim effe, opposite police station (PU: 09/10/05/010)
Njimemeh, play ground (PU: 09/10/05/005)
Okosoro town hall (PU: 09/10/05/006)
Oserebetang play ground (PU: 09/10/05/008)
Primary school, ekimke (PU: 09/10/05/011)

Effraya Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Adc shed, inf. of open shade (PU: 09/10/06/005)
Agbokim mgbabor play ground (PU: 09/10/06/006)
Beside council secretariat (PU: 09/10/06/002)
Effraya three corners (PU: 09/10/06/003)
Effraya town hall (PU: 09/10/06/001)
Ekimaya town hall (PU: 09/10/06/004)

Etomi Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Abon-nta camp play ground (PU: 09/10/07/005)
Mgbe-tabe play ground (PU: 09/10/07/007)
Njiminkok i, town hall (PU: 09/10/07/001)
Njiminkok ii, play ground (PU: 09/10/07/002)
Nyarinka i, town hall (PU: 09/10/07/003)
Nyarinka ii, play ground (PU: 09/10/07/004)
Okundi court yard (PU: 09/10/07/006)

Itaka Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Acharam town hall (PU: 09/10/08/003)
Itaka play ground (PU: 09/10/08/006)
Itaka town hall (PU: 09/10/08/004)
Okoroba primary school (PU: 09/10/08/007)
Okoroba town hall (PU: 09/10/08/002)
Old nfamiyem play ground (PU: 09/10/08/005)
Primary school itaka (PU: 09/10/08/001)

Mkpot/ayuk aba Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Ayuk aba play ground (PU: 09/10/09/003)
Mkpot isong hall (PU: 09/10/09/001)
Mkpot primary school (PU: 09/10/09/002)
Play ground, ikiribi (PU: 09/10/09/004)
Play ground, ochi osor (PU: 09/10/09/006)
Play ground, otae nkim (PU: 09/10/09/005)

Nsofang Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Akpor play ground (PU: 09/10/10/004)
Akpor town hall (PU: 09/10/10/006)
Akpor town hall (PU: 09/10/10/007)
Nsofang play ground (PU: 09/10/10/003)
Nsofang primary school (PU: 09/10/10/001)
Nsofang town hall (PU: 09/10/10/002)
Secondary school nsofang (PU: 09/10/10/005)


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