Every Thing You Need To Know About MTN Daily Data Plans

If you are reading this, i know that  you are looking for the best data plans from MTN but moreover, you need to spend a little penny to afford the plan that will perform all the necessary tasks you want.

Now, let’s look into MTN 2018 Latest List of Data Plans, Activation or Subscription Codes and their prices . Be rest assured that their affordable prices won’t send you off, since their services is good to write home about.

MTN Data Plans, Activation Codes And Prices
MTN data plans ranges from daily, weekly and monthly; they are flexible and affordable. The monthly data plans can be used up to 30 days, the weekly is up to 7 days, the daily plans can be used in 24 hours which is their validity period. Meanwhile, there are heavy data packages that valid for 60 days and 90 days, they are Quarterly plans.

Moreover, some current MTN data plans have additional bonus that can be used between 1am to 7am. These bonus are time-restricted, you don’t expect it to browse a whole day like the main data plan.

MTN Daily Plans
Presently MTN have two daily plans. These plans are designed for those who will love to check up the internet in a day with the small data volume. You can check your social media notifications, download little files and of course, stream a little.

1. 50MB for N100: This plan is 5 times far better than what we used to get (i.e 30MB for N100). Imagine getting that little data volume for that price. So, MTN reconsidered everything and offer up 50MB for N100 with additional 20MB. It valid for 24 hours which is complete full day.
To Subscribe this plan, dial *104# or quickly SMS 104 to 131 and you are done subscribing.

2. 150MB for N200: This is another daily plan from MTN that will give 150MB with just N200. The 150MB can be used in a day. I think this is one of the best data plan from MTN, since the data can be used to do anything one wishes on the internet without restrictions.
To opt-in this plan, dial *113# or quickly send SMS 113 to 131 and you are done subscribing.
How to Check MTN Data Balance
To check your MTN data balance, simply send “STATUS ” to 131 or dial *131*4# to check your data balance.

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