Ezza South L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

  • Amaeka-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Comm. primary school ndiagu agu (PU: 11/06/03/010)
Coom. primary school amajim i (PU: 11/06/03/004)
Coom. primary school amajim ii (PU: 11/06/03/005)
Ndufu village square (PU: 11/06/03/014)
Ngamagbo ukoro ihotor (PU: 11/06/03/013)
Ngambgo enyim i (PU: 11/06/03/001)
Ngambgo enyim ii (PU: 11/06/03/002)
Ngambgo enyim iii (PU: 11/06/03/003)
Ngamgbo ihotor (PU: 11/06/03/007)
Ngamgbo omege i (PU: 11/06/03/008)
Ngamgbo omege ii (PU: 11/06/03/009)
Ngamgbo ukoro (PU: 11/06/03/006)
Omogwe village square i (PU: 11/06/03/011)
Omogwe village square ii (PU: 11/06/03/012)

  • Amaezekwe-Wards

(6 Polling Booths )
Agbakoro village square (PU: 11/06/01/002)
Comm. school amaezekwe (PU: 11/06/01/005)
Ndufu village square i (PU: 11/06/01/003)
Ndufu village square ii (PU: 11/06/01/004)
Ngamegbo village square (PU: 11/06/01/001)
Ngamgbo ndiaguzu villlage square (PU: 11/06/01/006)

  • Amagu/nsokara-Wards

(14 Polling Booths )
Azuunwachi village square (PU: 11/06/02/010)
Central school nsokara (PU: 11/06/02/001)
Comm. school anagu village square (PU: 11/06/02/009)
Comm. school nsokara ii (PU: 11/06/02/005)
Comm. school nsokara i (PU: 11/06/02/004)
Ekwurekwu village square (PU: 11/06/02/011)
Ndiagu agalagu (PU: 11/06/02/012)
Ngamgbo amakpu village square i (PU: 11/06/02/013)
Ngamgbo amakpu village square ii (PU: 11/06/02/014)
Ngamgbo ekwetekwe village square i (PU: 11/06/02/006)
Ngamgbo ekwetekwe village square ii (PU: 11/06/02/007)
Ngamgbo ndufu village square (PU: 11/06/02/008)
Ngamgbo omege (PU: 11/06/02/003)
Nkankwo edegbe village square (PU: 11/06/02/002)

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  • Amana-Wards

(10 Polling Booths )
Central school amana (PU: 11/06/04/008)
Comm. school ndiagu i (PU: 11/06/04/003)
Comm. school ndiagu ii (PU: 11/06/04/004)
Eguazuhawu play ground (PU: 11/06/04/006)
Ezekuna play ground (PU: 11/06/04/010)
Ngamgbo odabara village square (PU: 11/06/04/001)
Ngamgbo onuzonwogwu (PU: 11/06/04/007)
Ngamgbo utara village square (PU: 11/06/04/005)
Nwagodo market square (PU: 11/06/04/002)
Nworie ndiaguazu market square (PU: 11/06/04/009)

  • Amudo/okoffia-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
C.s ndiagu okoffia village square (PU: 11/06/05/010)
Comm. school amudo (PU: 11/06/05/004)
Evuruigu village square (PU: 11/06/05/012)
Igwefere okoffia vill square i (PU: 11/06/05/008)
Igwefere okoffia vill square ii (PU: 11/06/05/009)
Ngamgbo nwele village square (PU: 11/06/05/005)
Ngamgbo okaleru village square (PU: 11/06/05/011)
Obom okoffia village square i (PU: 11/06/05/006)
Obom okoffia village square ii (PU: 11/06/05/007)
Oriegbe market square i (PU: 11/06/05/001)
Oriegbe market square ii (PU: 11/06/05/002)
Oriegbe market square iii (PU: 11/06/05/003)

  • Amuzu-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Comm. primary school amuzu i (PU: 11/06/06/001)
Comm. primary school amuzu ii (PU: 11/06/06/002)
Comm. primary school amuzu iii (PU: 11/06/06/003)
Inyima play ground (PU: 11/06/06/010)
Ntezi play ground i (PU: 11/06/06/008)
Ntezi play ground ii (PU: 11/06/06/009)
Ogwuekwe village square hall i (PU: 11/06/06/004)
Ogwuekwe village square hall ii (PU: 11/06/06/005)
Ohofia play ground (PU: 11/06/06/007)
Omege village square (PU: 11/06/06/011)
Orinte play ground (PU: 11/06/06/006)

  • Echare-Wards

(11 Polling Booths )
Amebia village square (PU: 11/06/07/008)
Azuebonyi echara village square i (PU: 11/06/07/005)
Azuebonyi echara village square ii (PU: 11/06/07/006)
Comm. school echara (PU: 11/06/07/004)
Ekereigwe village square (PU: 11/06/07/007)
Ngamgbo akata village square i (PU: 11/06/07/009)
Ngamgbo akata village square ii (PU: 11/06/07/010)
Ngamgbo amebo village square i (PU: 11/06/07/001)
Ngamgbo amebo village square ii (PU: 11/06/07/002)
Ngamgbo amebo village square iii (PU: 11/06/07/003)
Ngamgboabam village square iii (PU: 11/06/07/011)

  • Ezzama-Wards

(13 Polling Booths )
Central school onuafor (PU: 11/06/08/005)
Comm. school ameta i (PU: 11/06/08/001)
Comm. school ameta ii (PU: 11/06/08/002)
Imebali village square (PU: 11/06/08/012)
Imebali village square (PU: 11/06/08/013)
Ngamgbo ekelebi (PU: 11/06/08/006)
Ngamgbo ishieke square (PU: 11/06/08/009)
Ngamgbo kpakaji (PU: 11/06/08/003)
Ohinya village square (PU: 11/06/08/007)
Onuafor village square (PU: 11/06/08/004)
Onunwankwo play ground (PU: 11/06/08/008)
Opaleke village square (PU: 11/06/08/011)
Orokonu village square (PU: 11/06/08/010)

  • Ikwuator/idembia-Wards

(15 Polling Booths )
Azuebonyi village square i (PU: 11/06/09/001)
Azuebonyi village square ii (PU: 11/06/09/002)
Ngamgbo inyima egu i (PU: 11/06/09/011)
Ngamgbo inyima egu ii (PU: 11/06/09/012)
Ngamgbo ohage i (PU: 11/06/09/008)
Ngamgbo ohage ii (PU: 11/06/09/009)
Nwankwo ugwuogo i (PU: 11/06/09/003)
Nwankwo ugwuogo ii (PU: 11/06/09/004)
Ochuhu agba viilage square i (PU: 11/06/09/013)
Ochuhu agba viilage square ii (PU: 11/06/09/014)
Onunwafor village square (PU: 11/06/09/010)
Onunwankwo ezekuna (PU: 11/06/09/015)
Oriegbe market square i (PU: 11/06/09/006)
Oriegbe market square ii (PU: 11/06/09/007)
Ugwugo azuebonyi (PU: 11/06/09/005)

  • Onueke-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Agudiegwu / akafi village square (PU: 11/06/10/003)
Central school onueke i (PU: 11/06/10/011)
Central school onueke ii (PU: 11/06/10/012)
Ikwo road junction bs (PU: 11/06/10/006)
Ndi achi play ground (PU: 11/06/10/005)
Oferekpe village square (PU: 11/06/10/007)
Onueke motor park i (PU: 11/06/10/009)
Onueke motor park ii (PU: 11/06/10/010)
Onueke market square i (PU: 11/06/10/002)
Onueke market square ii (PU: 11/06/10/004)
Onueke village square (PU: 11/06/10/008)
Onueke/afikpo road (PU: 11/06/10/001)

  • Umunwagu / idembia-Wards

(12 Polling Booths )
Amajim village square (PU: 11/06/11/009)
Ameabch village square i (PU: 11/06/11/006)
Ameabch village square i (PU: 11/06/11/007)
Azuebonyi village square (PU: 11/06/11/008)
C.p.s umumwagu (PU: 11/06/11/001)
Comm. school idembia (PU: 11/06/11/012)
Eziga village square i (PU: 11/06/11/004)
Eziga village square ii (PU: 11/06/11/005)
Ngamgbo akpugo square (PU: 11/06/11/010)
Ngamgboi orokome village square (PU: 11/06/11/003)
Omege akpugo square (PU: 11/06/11/011)
Onunwankwor villlage square (PU: 11/06/11/002)

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