FIFA Players’ Status Committee, Functions And Members

The FIFA’s Players’ Status Committee (PSC) shall set up and monitor compliance with the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players and determine the status of Players for various FIFA competitions. Its powers of jurisdiction are governed by the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

Below is a 2018 Updated list of FIFA Players’ Status Committee members and their countries:

CHAIRMAN – HACK Raymond; Country – South Africa

DEPUTY CHAIRWOMAN – AKHTER KIRON Mahfuza; Country – Bangladesh


  • AL JABER Sami; Country – Saudi Arabia
  • BAJO Lamin Kaba; Country – Gambia
  • CENTENARO Michele; Country – Italy
  • CRUZ Jose Maria; Country – Spain
  • DELLER Michel; Country – Ecuador
  • DERUNGS Vitus; Country – Switzerland
  • DODD Moya; Country – Australia
  • EVERARD Louis; Country – Netherlands
  • GROSSO Leonardo; Country – Italy
  • GUIMARAES NETO Castellar; Country – Brazil
  • JOHN-WILLIAMS David; Country – Trinidad and Tobago
  • LAI William; Country – Solomon Islands
  • LIU Yongzhuo; Country – China PR
  • PENICHE Anna; Country – Mexico
  • REVILLA Fernando; Country – Peru
  • ROBERTS Jason; Country – Grenada
  • SCOTT-HOWMAN Andrew; Country – New Zealand
  • SOUARE Antonio; Country – Guinea
  • THOMPSON Geoff; Country – England
  • THOMSEN Claus; Country – Denmark
  • VAN GAALEN Johan; Country – South Africa

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