First Aid Babysitting Tips


Infant Choking
She Needs Information to Tell the Paramedics
The babysitter will be the only person available to communicate with first responders. It’s important that she has the kids’ important medical information. Write it all down and keep it in a convenient location for her to give to the paramedics.

Vital Medical Information
Medical emergencies aren’t the only kinds of catastrophes a babysitter must be ready for. Fires happen. Make sure your babysitter has all the information she needs to get the kids out safely. I don’t recommend having her use a fire extinguisher — it’s just one more decision that might slow her down. She needs to react quickly to a fire and get everyone out. Then, she must call 911.

Stop Drop and Roll
She Should Also Know How to Handle the Little Things
If you want your babysitter to react correctly to the big stuff, make sure she knows how to handle the little stuff. If she can put on a bandage and take out a splinter, she can take care of the little things for a few minutes at least until you can be contacted.

Your Babysitter Needs Training
Don’t count on your babysitter to do any of these things without taking a real class. All these tips should be nothing more than review for your fully trained babysitter. If you have someone in mind that really gets along great with your babies, send her to school.

She Needs to Know CPR
Any good babysitter needs to be ready for the worst case scenario. There isn’t a case worse than a baby not breathing.You want your babysitter to know what to do and not to be afraid to do it.

Child CPR
Responding to Choking
If she’s going to feed them, she needs to know what to do when they choke on dinner. Your babysitter cannot hesitate if your kid is choking.

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