First Aid Tips For Vomiting

See First Aid Tips For Vomiting Below…


  • Do not attempt to hold the vomit in. Allow the person to vomit as long as needed.
  • Using a clean and slightly wet cloth, wipe the face of the person.
  • After the person is done vomiting, assist them into drinking small but frequent amounts of clear fluids, such as water, sports drinks or fruit juices. This can help prevent dehydration.
  • Do not give caffeine, alcohol and other diuretics to avoid losing even more fluids in the body.
  • Do not give milk as it may irritate the stomach.
  • Start by giving the person light and bland foods such as bread and crackers. Do not give heavy, solid foods until vomiting has stopped.
  • When vomiting is relieved for 24 hours, start with a BRAT diet – which consists of banana, rice, apple sauce minus the sugar, and toast. Potatoes and paste may also be given.
  • If the person is unconscious, start by checking for pulse. If no pulse is detected, begin CPR. If pulse is detected, turn the head to the left side.



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