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First Aid Tips In The Kitchen


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  • Make sure first aid supplies are readily available:A kitchen first aid kit only serves its purpose if it’s readily available to your workers. Avoid leaving first aid supplies in a locked office or other location that requires finding a manager for access. Make sure new workers are oriented with the location of first aid kits throughout the restaurant as well. Furthermore, make a point of inspecting your first aid kit regularly and replacing items that are out-of-date.
  • Know the difference between state and federal requirements: Adhering to federal safety regulations is a must, but depending on what state you’re in, there may be more expected of your business. When stocking and replenishing your first aid kit, ensure that you have the proper materials to meet both sets of standards. The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals has a handy overview of the food safety regulations for each state.
  • Emphasize food safety:Food safety should be a top priority in any kitchen. This of course relies foremost on your employees following proper sanitation procedures, but also on ensuring your workers can adequately dress and cover cuts and other wounds when they’re in the middle of a shift. For example, if one of your line cooks cuts him- or herself on a knife, he or she will need bandages, finger tape and gloves to prevent the injury from coming in contact with any food or preparation surface.
  • Make note of what’s in high demand: If your kitchen seems to be running through a box of burn gel packets each week, there may be a larger underlying issue. Address common injuries at the root source, and also keep track of how fast you’re using items so that you can order more before running out. After all, no one wants to be in a position where a worker is injured and there aren’t adequate supplies to take care of the situation.
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