First City Monument Bank Nigeria Domiciliary Account

first city monument bank nigeria Domiciliary Account is designed to help you conveniently carry out foreign currency transactions. This account can be funded in Dollars, Pounds or Euro through foreign currency cheque and or cash lodgements and online transfers


Minimum opening balance of $500 or its equivalent in € & £
Competitive Interest payment on daily operating balance of $10,000 and above (or its equivalent in € & £)
Interest payment is payable monthly
Foreign currency cheque lodgment

Requirement For First City Monument Bank Nigeria Domiciliary Account

Recent Utility Bills(not more than 3 months bill) eg. PHCN bills, Water Bill, light bills etc

Means of Identification eg. National ID card, Voters card, Drivers license, International Passport

Money to open the account like N1000, N2000 naira, etc or $100 dollars, euros etc

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