FRSC 2015 Strategic Goals

 Strategic Goal 1: Reduce Road Traffic Crashes

We seek to reduce road Traffic crashes by 30% and crash related fatalities by 20% in 2012. This we hope to achieve through enforcing traffic laws and improving our efforts in re-orientating Nigerians on the dangers of drunk driving, over speeding, disobeying traffic rules among other things.

Strategic Goal 2: Improve the Image of FRSC
We understand that improving our image is essential to achieving its organizational gaols. We seek to give our target audience a fresh perspective on FRSC by creating adequate, systematic and effective awareness on the many achievements made so far towards actualizing the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Strategic Goal 3: Improve Rescue Services
It is one of the cardinal thrusts of FRSC in 2012 to improve rescue services on Nigerian roads through stabilising the scene of the accident to prevent further injury, provision of medical care at the scene of accidents, and training the rescue team on modern equipment use and rapid response time.

Strategic Goal 4: Improve Traffic Management
We seek to initiate improved Traffic Management system to bring a more professional approach and improved confidence into the entire system. We hope to accomplish this through a co-operative and coordinated strategic planning, regulations, facilitation and law enforcement in respect of road traffic matters.

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