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FRSC Approved Driving Schools In Delta State



1 FRSC/00250/DEL/0023
a the great driving school
no. 25/26 arubayi street warri,
DELta state

2 FRSC/00252/DEL/0025 aroma driving school
no. 36 new ogorode road by
otite junction sapele warri

3 FRSC/00467/DEL/0031
barrybless driving school no.60 emiye road oleh isoko
south lga DELta state

4 FRSC/00245/DEL/0018
blue dove driving school
no. 36 cemetary road warri

5 FRSC/00253/DEL/0026
defencive driving school
no. 42 eneren before motel
warry DELta state

6 FRSC/00242/DEL/0015
elite driving school
no. 5 akin plaza 81 udu road
opp. schools ovwani DELta state

7 FRSC/00240/DEL/0013
elite standard driving school
police post dsc warri

8 FRSC/00248/DEL//0021
fred safety driving school
opp DELta line transport
service abraka/ agbo expres
way, DELta state

9 FRSC/00041/DEL/0001
fretex driving school
142 p.t.i road efurum warri DELta

10 FRSC/00690/DEL/0036
godswill driving school
celebration garden opp agbom
moDEL rry sch boji boji owa

11 FRSC/00247/DEL/0020
goshenic driving school
opposite post office asaba

12 FRSC/00693/DEL/0038
jafag driving school
wilmas petrol station km 1
refinery rd effurun

13 FRSC/00241/DEL/0014
jenikz driving school
no. 88 denis osadebe way asa

14 FRSC/00238/DEL/0011
joimi driving school
no. 45 okumagba estate warri,
DELta state

15 FRSC/00691/DEL/0037
kurex driving school
No.57 ozoro / kwale express way

16 FRSC/00249/DEL/0022
masco safety driving school
no.4 hospital road opposite
ekpa sec. school warri

17 FRSC/00256/DEL/0029
morich driving school
243 warri sapele road
warri,DELta state

18 FRSC/00048/DEL/0008
navo james driving school
no. 66 okumagba avenue warri

19 FRSC/00255/DEL/0028
o.b pampas driving school
no.9 bumuezei asaba

20 FRSC/00237/DEL/0010
ovie professional driving school
No.78 arubare street warri

21 FRSC/00254/DEL/0027
pijoana trauf driving school
No.159, uwah unik plaza jakpa rd
effurun, warri

22 FRSC/00043/DEL/0003
precious o. driving school
no. 166 jakpa road efurum
warri DELta state

23 FRSC/00471/DEL/0035
prince owobu driving school
no 30b otite road sapele DELta

24 FRSC/00042/DEL/0002
safe driving school
no. 14 udu rd. beside udu

25 FRSC/00470/DEL/0034
safety on wheel driving school
no 32 okpanam road asaba
DELta state

26 FRSC/00469/DEL/0033
u & i int’l driving school
no 33 iwhrekpokpor road by
omoba function ughelli DELta

27 FRSC/00468/DEL/0032
unique school of defensive
no 24 mudi street ughelli,
DELta state

28 FRSC/00244/DEL/0017
willie driving school
no 29 mayowa hospital
okunegba ave warri

29 FRSC/00810/DEL/0037
nigerian navy engineering
college driving school
nigerian naval engineering
college sapele, DELta state

30 FRSC/00822/DEL/0038
i drive smart limited
plot 404 okumagba avenue
warri,DELta state

31 FRSC/00785/DEL/0036
dia-v driving school academy
No.26 dla road asaba

32 FRSC/00246/DEL/0019
galuchi driving school
no. nwokobia street umuago

33 FRSC/00045/DEL/0005
ikechukwu adumebi driving
no. 53 dennis osadebe road opp
bishop court asaba

34 FRSC/00894/DEL/0039
lexy driving school
no. 9 airport road effurun

36 FRSC/00952/DEL/0044
shedi driving school
adjacent wetlab hotel, dsc
police post ovwianorhuwhorun,
DELta state

37 FRSC/00950/DEL/0042
hblp driving school
km 2 refinery road effurun ,
DELta state

38 FRSC/00951/DEL/0043
chigood driving school
63 ekpen street ajamimogha
warri, DELta state

39 FRSC/00949/DEL/0041
helmadag driving school
no.1 emiko street, off olunu
road, warri, DELta state

40 FRSC/00955/DEL/0045
sheriff driving academy
no.315 nnebisi road, asaba,
DELta state

41 FRSC/00956/DEL/0046
learn rite driving academy
no.64 summit road opp.
ministry of works, asaba
DELta state

42 FRSC/01042/DEL/0057
gold heights academy
ogbe oside quarters okpanam,
DELta state

43 FRSC/01036/DEL/0051
ny & rukky global venture driving
no.77 ekeredjebor road,
ughelli, DELta state

44 FRSC/01043/DEL/0058
annys driving school
172, orororpe, warri road,
DELta state

45 FRSC/01044/DEL/0059
adaib driving school
no.1 chris abudei street, opp.
FRSC asaba

46 FRSC/01032/DEL/0047
thron-crowned driving school
no.305 new agbory sapele road
inside great bening academy,
abraka, DELta state

47 FRSC/01033/DEL/0048
sir john driving school
1, edematie lang orerokpe
DELta state

48 FRSC/01034/DEL/0049
skills driving school
ugboroke nnpc link road, DELta

49 FRSC/01041/DEL/0056
garret driving school
phebe shopping plaza, warri
sapele road, DELta state

50 FRSC/01035/DEL/0050
qvic driving school
no.4 college road agbor, DELta
51 FRSC/01040/DEL/0055
gomez driving institute
3, commission road, ekpan
warri, DELta state

52 FRSC/01037/DEL/0052
mega driving school
171 yoruba road sapele, DELta

53 FRSC/01038/DEL/0053
mainstream driving school
No.43 ekpen street, off adamuga
warri, DELta state

54 FRSC/01039/DEL/0054
lucky driving school
km3, refinery road warri,
DELta state

55 FRSC/01120/DEL/0055
destined interlink driving
no. 108 egbe street umu-nkwor
qtrs, asaba, DELta state

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