FRSC Approved Driving Schools In Nasarawa State

FRSC Approved Driving Schools In Nasarawa State, Accreditation Number, Name Of Driving School and Address

1 Frsc/00688/nas/0015
Bxc Firm Driving School Pejo Plaza Millionaires
Quarters Lafia Nasarawa State

2 Frsc/00541/nas/0010
God’s Gift Driving School
Angwa-mada Masaka

3 Frsc/00696/nas/0013
Heritage Driving School
Block G Suite 15 Powa Plaza
Mopol Checking Point Maraba
Nassarawa State

4 Frsc/00542/nas/0011
Lucky Star Driving School
New Karu Nasarawa State

5 Frsc/00543/nas/0012
Miracle Driving School
Nasarawa, Can Secretarial Dadin Kowa

6 Frsc/00150/nas/0004
Perfect Driving School
One Man Village Kuruduma

7 Frsc/00152/nas/0006
Rhema Driving School
Along Gidan Waziri Crdp Keffi
Nasarawa State

8 Frsc/00361/nas/0008
Solid Mineral Driving School
Cooperative Building, Along
License Road Opp Old Post
Office Lafia

9 Frsc/00687/nas/0014
Suny Best Modern Driving School
Opp Local Government Education Authority
Off Shandam Road Lafia Nasarawa, State

10 Frsc/00360/nas/0007
The Ultimate Driving School
Sani Abacha Road Nasarawa State

11 Frsc/00149/nas/0003
Triumph Driving School Off Transformer Bus Stop
Abuja – Keffi Express Way
Masaka Nasarawa State

12 Frsc/00686/nas/0013
Ungwar Maina Driving School
Along Doma Road Opp Prison
Yard Lafia Nasarawa State

13 Frsc/00151/nas/0005
Zeek Driving School Behind Family Kitchen New
Nyanya Nasarawa State

14 Frsc/00813/nas/0016
Emerald Driving School Beside Veema Hotel,
After Police Hqs Makurdi Road Lafia
Nasarawa State

15 Frsc/00816/nas/0017
Arewa Driving School Tama- Nasarawa Lga
Nasarawa State

16 Frsc/00148/nas/0002
Survival For Real Driving School
Alhaji Abdulahi Shopping
Complex Ado Nasarawa State

17 Frsc/00874/nas/0018
Safer Road Driving School
Opp. Tantalite Hotel, Police
Station Road, Nasarawa
Nasarawa Toto Lga

18 Frsc/01023/nas/0022
Adamu Rita Driving School
No. 42 Angwan Madia Bashayi
Keffi Lga , Nasarawa

19 Frsc/01021/nas/0020
Paul And Silas Academy Beside Chief Parmant Keffi
Road Akwanga, Nasarawa, State

20 Frsc/01020/nas/0019
Gamji – Waziri Driving School
Mairaira House After States
Low Cost Opposite Ministry
Off Justice Shendam Road, Lafia

21 Frsc/01024/nas/0023
Sofia International Driving School
No.7, Stevenson Street Lafia, Nasarawa State

22 Frsc/01022/nas/0021
Wiseway Driving School Ado Opp.ado Pry School, Ado
Nasarawa State

23 Frsc/01025/nas/0024
Wakarde Driving School Shop 1 Face 3 Kafda Mrt,
Mararaba, Kru, Nasarawa State

24 Frsc/01142/nas/0025
Oceanwide Driving School
Before City College, Abacha
Road, Mararba, Nasarawa State

25 Ononami Driving Schoool No 11a & 12a, Farida Plaza
By Waila Microfinance Bank, One
Man Village, New Karu
Nasarawa State

26 Frsc/01143/nas/0026
Relevant Driving School
No.4 Bureau For Science And
Technical Education Street
Lafia, Nasarawa State

27 Frsc/01147/nas/0027
Ladan Wamba Driving School
Along Police Station Road
Wamba, Nasarawa State

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