FRSC Approved Driving Schools In Sokoto State

FRSC Approved Driving Schools In Sokoto State, Accreditation Number, Name Of Driving School and Address

1 Frsc/00400/skt/0002
De-law Driving School
No 32 Sultan Abubakar Road Sokoto

2 Frsc/00681/skt/0003
Namu Driving School
Bafarawa Estate Sokoto

3 Frsc/00203/skt/0001
Works Driving School
Garba Muhd Road, Sokoto

4 Frsc/00939/skt/0005
Michika Driving School
No. 96b Gwiwa Locust, Sokoto State

5 Frsc/00940/skt/0006
Jamil Driving School
No.6 Bello Way Batarawa Estate
Close To Main Entrance, Sokoto

6 Frsc/00941/skt/0007
Bridge Stone Driving School
No. A2 Tsafe Road Gwiwa Locust
Sokoto State

7 Frsc/00931/skt/0004
El-ladan International Driving School
Opp. Unguwan Rogo Police
Station Sokoto, Sokoto State

8 Frsc/00948/sok/0008
Sodangi Driving School
Kanwuri Area Opposite Sultan
Palace No4 Sultan Bello Road,

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