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Functions Of INEC Nigeria


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) performs the following functions:

1. INEC has the responsibility of organizing, carrying-out and overseeing every election into the following offices and political positions:

offices of the President and Vice-President of the federation
offices of the Governor and Deputy Governor of a State
membership of the Senate and the House of Representatives of Nigeria
membership of the House of Assembly of each state of the federation
2. To register political parties in the manners conforming to the provisions of the Nigerian constitution and the Act of the National Assembly.

3. The Independent National Electoral Commission is to monitor all the operations and organisation of all political parties in Nigeria including their congresses, conventions, finances, and party primaries.

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4. INEC is to arrange for the cross-examination and auditing of the accounts and funds of all political parties every year. They are to publish a report of the examination and audits for public information.

Voter’s Card
5. The electoral commission is to carry out the registration of everyone eligible to vote. Prepare, keep, and revise the register of voters eligible for any form of election in accordance with the constitution.

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6. The commission is also to monitor political campaigns and provide the rules and regulations that shall guide all the activities of all political parties in Nigeria.

7. INEC is responsible for the conduction of civic and voters’ education.

8. The Independent National Electoral Commission is also responsible for promoting the knowledge of good and sound democratic electoral processes in Nigeria.

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9. It shall also conduct any referendum that is required to be conducted in accordance with the provision of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or any other Act or Law of the National Assembly of Nigeria.

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