Functions Of Issuing Houses In Nigeria

Offer active and comprehensive Advisory Services that would enable our clients make sound financial decisions, and execute same in diverse market conditions and locations.

Their Advisory Services Team equips our clients with a competitive edge by providing them with tailor made solutions and a complete range of investment banking products leveraging on our thorough knowledge of the local and international capital market, world-class research platforms as well as strategic alliances. This enables us to open doors and find the right contacts for our clients; in effect, we provide custom-made solutions tailored to our clients needs.

SFC Advisory Services practice provides a broad range of highly regarded Investment Banking services to the Financial Services Sector (Banks, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Institutions etc.) Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and FCMG’s.

They identify investment opportunities via seasoned market intelligence by the research and capital market units.

They facilitate activities in the primary segment of the capital market by serving as stockbrokers to Public Offers, Rights Issues and listing of new issues on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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