Functions Of Nigerian Constitution

The Constitution of Nigeria is the supreme law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria has had a series of constitutions. The current constitution was enacted on 29 May 1999, inaugurating the Nigerian Fourth Republic.

Functions Of The Nigeria Constitution:

1. It reflects the sovereign will of the people.

2. It lies down of the aims, objectives, values and goals which the people want to secure. .

3. It contains description and guarantee of the fundamental rights of the people.

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4. It gives a detailed account of the organisation of the government. The organisation, powers and functions of its three organs of the and their inter­relationship.

5. In a federation, the Constitution lays down the division of powers between the central government and the governments of the federating states/provinces. It is binding upon both the centre and the state governments.

6. It specifies the power and method of amendment of the Constitution.

7. It lays down the election system and political rights of people.

Download The Complete Nigerian Constitution Here

8. It provides for independence of judiciary and rule of law.

9. The constitution governs all and no one can violate its rules.

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