Functions Of Nigeria Judiciary

Judiciary is one, out of the three arms of government known. It is seen as the third organ of government. It has been vested with the responsibility of interpreting and applying the laws to all cases, as well as settling disputes in the court of law.

In the judiciary, law can only be law when the judges decide it so. While in the course of giving their judgements during various court cases.

To a lay – man’s  point of view, the Judiciary is considered the most vital organ of government… The Reason is obvious because the judiciary acts as the peoples’ protector against all forms of possible excesses of legislative arm of government and that of the executive organs.

Below are few functions of the Judiciary

1. Judiciary Protects People’s Rights

2. Judiciary Interprets and Applies Laws

3. Judiciary Makes Law

4. The Role of Equity Legislation

5.  Judiciary Gives Justice To The People

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