Functions Of Nigeria Ministers

The Cabinet of Nigeria is part of the Executive Branch of the Government of Nigeria. The Cabinet’s role, as written in the Ministers’ Statutory Powers and Duties (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) Act is to serve as an advisory body to the President of Nigeria. Members of the Cabinet are appointed and report to the President, who can dismiss them at will. The Cabinet currently oversees 24 Federal Ministries, each responsible for some aspect of providing government services, as well as a number of parastatals (government-owned corporations).

The Federal Ministries of Nigeria are Civil Service departments that are responsible for delivering various types of government service.

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President Buhari's Ministerial List, 2019
President Buhari’s Ministerial List, 2019

Ministry – Agriculture
Functions: Regulates agricultural research, agriculture and national resources, forestry and veterinary research

Ministry – Aviation
Functions: Regulates air travel and aviation services

Ministry – Defence
Functions: Consists of the defence services headquarters, the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Air Force, the Nigerian Navy, and other defence agencies and departments

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Ministry – Education
Functions: Directs education in Nigeria

Ministry – Environment
Functions: Regulates Environmental issues

Ministry – Federal Capital Territory
Functions: Administers the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja)

Ministry – Finance
Functions: Manages, controls and monitors federal revenues and expenditures

Ministry – Foreign Affairs
Functions: Charged with the responsibility for the formulation, articulation, and pursuit of Nigerian foreign policy trust and objectives.

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Ministry – Health
Functions: Develop and implements health policies and programs and undertakes other actions to deliver health services

Ministry – Information
Functions: To establish and maintain a robust information dissemination mechanism that promotes our tourism potentials and enhances our cultural values.

Ministry – Interior
Functions: Conducts Nigeria’s Internal Policy and International Relations, and other duties related to foreign countries and Nigerians abroad.

Ministry – Justice
Functions: Brings cases before the judiciary that are initiated or assumed by the government. Headed by the Attorney General, who is also Minister of Justice

Ministry – Labour and Productivity
Functions: Concerned with relations between workers and employees.

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Ministry – Lands & Urban Development
Functions: Formerly part of the Ministry of Works

Ministry – Mines and Steel Development
Functions: Encourages development of the country’s solid mineral resources

Ministry – Niger Delta
Functions: Coordinates efforts to tackle the challenges of infrastructural development, environment protection and youth empowerment in the Niger Delta

Ministry – Petroleum Resources
Functions: Regulates upstream production and downstream distribution of petroleum products

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Functions:The function of the Ministry is primarily to formulate and implement the policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) with respect to:
(i) Generation, distribution and transmission of power nation-wide (Power).
(ii) Road Transport, Highways construction and rehabilitation; Highways planning and design; Monitoring and maintenance of Federal Roads & Bridges nationwide; Provision of infrastructure, Survey & Mapping of the nation’s internal and international boundaries (Works).
(iii) Provision of Habitat and affordable housing for Nigerians (Housing).

Ministry – Science & Technology
Functions: Charts the course of Scientific and Technological development of the nation

Ministry – Trade and Investment
Functions: Regulates trade and investment

Ministry – Water Resources
Functions: Formed from Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in April 2010.

Ministry – Women Affairs
Functions: Promotes the development of women with equal rights and corresponding responsibilities

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Ministry – Youth and Sports Development
Functions: The Federal Ministry of Youth Development and the National Sports Commission (NSC) were merged to form the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development in 2015 by the present administration. The Ministry was established to design policies and implement plans to tackle the problems affecting Youth and Sports development in Nigeria. The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of coordinating, planning, researching, training, monitoring and evaluating projects which are necessary for the development of youth and sports in Nigeria.

Ministry – Tourism, Culture & National Orientation
Functions: To promote tourism and culture as foreign exchange earner, income re-distributor, major employer of labour, a catalyst for rural development/poverty reduction and fostering peace Maintaining a synergy with the parastatals.

Ministry – Transportation
Functions: To build a secure world-class transportation system in Nigeria

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