Functions Of Nigeria Shippers Council

The statutory functions of Nigerian Shippers’ Council are

a)    To provide a forum for the protection of the interest of shippers on matters affecting the shipment of imports and exports to and from Nigeria;

b)    To encourage the formation of Shippers’ Associations all over the country;

c)     To provide a forum for consultation between the conference and non- conference lines, tramp-owners, the Nigerian Ports Authority and the Government of the Federation on matters of common interest;

d)    To negotiate and enter into agreements with Conference Lines and non-Conference Lines, ship-owners, the Nigerian Ports Authority and any other bodies on matters affecting the interests of shippers;

e)    To advise the Government of the Federation, through the Minister, on matters relating to the structure of freight rate, availability and adequacy of shipping space, frequency of sailings, terms of shipment, class and quality of vessels, port charges and facilities and other related matters;

f)     To assess the stability and the adequacy of existing services and make appropriate recommendations in that behalf;

g)    To consider the problems faced by shippers with regards to coastal transport, inland waterways transport and matters relating generally to the transportation of goods by water and advise Government on possible solutions thereto;

h)    To promote and encourage the study and research into problems affecting shippers in Nigeria;

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