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Functions Of Nigeria Telecommunication


Telecommunications in Nigeria include radio, television, fixed and mobile telephones, and the Internet.

Radio stations:

network of federal government-owned national, regional, and state radio stations; roughly 40 state government-owned radio stations typically carry their own programs except for news broadcasts; about 20 private radio stations; transmissions of international broadcasters are available (2007);[1]
83 AM, 36 FM, and 11 shortwave stations

Television stations: nearly 70 federal government-owned national and regional TV stations; all 36 states operate TV stations; several private TV stations operational; cable and satellite TV subscription services are available

Their functions include

  • The facilitation of investments in and entry into the Nigerian market for provision and supply of communications services, equipment and facilities.
  • The protection and promotion of the interests of consumers against unfair practices including but not limited to matters relating to tariffs and charges for and the availability and quality of communications services, equipment and facilities.
  • Ensuring that licensees implement and operate at all times the most efficient and accurate billing system.
  • The promotion of fair competition in the communications industry and protection of communications services and facilities providers from misuse of market power or anti-competitive and unfair practices by other service or facilities providers or equipment suppliers.
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