Functions Of Nigerian Communication Commission

See Functions Of Nigerian Communication Commission Below…

  1. Giving written directions to licensees.
  2. Consulting withshoppers, industrial and industrial organizations.
  3. Delegating its functions to a Committeeaccepted by it.
  1. Summoning personsto look before the Commission.
  1. Entering into contracts with any company, firm or persons.
  1. Establishing and maintaining subsidiaries tomodify the discharge of its functions.
  1. Withprovision of licences and imposition of terms and conditions on licences.
  2. Variation or revocation of a Condition of licence.
  1. Consulting with affectedretail merchants before delivery into force an obligation which can be taxing on the licensee.
  1. Approvingpointers for keeping of accounts and value allocation formula of licensees.
  1. Inspection of licensees’ books of accounts.
  1. Granting or revoking of permits forassociation of client instrumentation.
  1. Determination of principles to guide interconnection arrangements between operators.
  1. Determination of services and new undertakings eligible for licensing from time to time.

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