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Functions Of Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority


See¬†Functions Of Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority Below…

  • Provide regulation for inland water navigation.
  • Ensure development of infrastructural facilities for a national inland waterways connectivity with economic centers using the River Ports and nodal points for inter-nodal exchanges.
  • Ensure the development of indigenous technical and managerial skills to meet the challenges of modern inland waterways transportation;There are several other functions and powers of the authority properly enunciated and documented in laws establishing NIWA (NIWA ACT CAP N47 LFN 2004).
  • Undertake capital and maintenance dredging.
  • Undertake hydrological and hydrographic surveys.
  • Design ferry routes.
  • Survey, remove, and receive derelicts, wrecks and other obstructions from in land waterways;
  • Operate ferry services within the inland waterways system.
  • Undertake installation and maintenance of lights, buoys and all navigational aids along water channels and banks.
  • Issue and control licenses for inland navigation, piers, jellies, dockyards.
  • Examine and survey inland water crafts and shipyard operators.
  • Grant permit and licenses for sand dredging, pipeline construction, dredging of slots and crossing of waterways by utility lines, water intake, rock blasting and removal.
  • Grant licenses to private inland waterway operators.
  • Approve designs and construction of inland river crafts.



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