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Functions Of Nigerian Medical Association


The Nigerian Medical Association is the largest medical association in the West African sub-region with more than 40,000 members from 36 state branches and the branch from the federal capital territory.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) is the professional association and registered for Nigerian doctors and dentists.

See 5 Functions Of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Below:

1. The Association nominates eleven members of the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria which regulates the practice of medicine & dentistry in Nigeria and the curricula of its medical schools.

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2. The NMA is at present involved in influencing health policy formulation in an ad hoc manner. This is done by making unsolicited recommendations to government on various health issues and also by making-inputs, whenever invited, to some of the national committee meetings on policy formulations.

3. The Association is consulted formally by the government only on an ad-hoc’ basis, although it is also involved in many of the government’s activities.

4. The Association holds training courses for doctors, and participates in radio programmes and TV talk shows.

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5. The Association collaborate in specific projects on health issues with individual NGOs and with National Association of Non-Government Organizations on health (NANGOH)

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