Functions Of Nigerian Port Authority

Nigerian ports authority is wholly owned by the federal government of Nigeria under the supervision of the federal ministry of transport. It has the responsibility of providing specific seaport and harbor services for the country’s maritime industry.

Below Are The Functions Of The Nigerian Port Authority;

Statutory Duties And Functions

  • Develop, own and operate ports and harbours
  • Provide safe and navigable channel
  • Offer cargo handling and storage services
  • Maintain Port facilities and equipment
  • Ensure safety and security
  • Develop and own property

Other Functions Include:

Nigerian Ports Authority:

  • Ownership and administration of land and water within port limits.
  • Planning and development of port operational infrastructure.
  • Leasing and concession of port infrastructure and setting bench mark for tariff structure
  • Responsible for nautical/Harbour operations and hydrographic survey.
  • Marine incidents and pollution
  • Maintenance of safety and security at the common user areas.
  • Enacting port regulations and bye-laws as well as monitor and enforce them
  • Day to day monitoring of operations and enforcement of relevant sections of respective agreements.

Private Sector:

  • Cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing and delivery.
  • Acquisition of cargo handling and operations related equipment
  • Development and maintenance of ports’ superstructure
  • Maintenance of safety and security within the terminal
  • Towage, mooring, bunkering, ship chandelling and ship repairs

 Federal Ministry of Transportation:

  • Policy formulation and planning at national level of basic marine infrastructure.
  • Legislation
  • International relations

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