Functions Of Nigerian Stock Exchange

The nigerian stock exchange started only with 19 (nineteen) securities and traded on it’s floors in 1961, now has 257 securities made up of 36 federal government stock, 62 cooperatives or industrial loans and debentures) preference stocks and 159 equity/ stock of companies, all was a total market capitalization of approximately n3 half billion.
The nigerian stock exchange which started as the lagos stock exchange act of 1961, following the report of the bare back committee, set up may 1958, by the federal government, to advice on ways and means of fastening a share market in nigeria.

Below Are The Functions Of The Nigerian Stock Exchange;

They provide open forum for people to buy and sell securities.

They protect the public from sharp practice ad shady dealings by providing guiding rules.

They facilitate dealing in government owned securities.

They provide opportunities for businesses to raise funds

They help to curb liquidity in the country’s economy and this is done by facilitating buying and selling of all types of securities.

They encourage people to make savings.

They act as medium for dissemination of information to investors and industrialists.

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