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Functions Of Veterinary Council Of Nigeria


The Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) is essentially a quality assurance organ of the Federal Republic of Nigeria established through the Veterinary Surgeons Act Cap V3 LFN, 2004 as amended. It is a Parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources created for the sole purpose of regulating the Standard of training and practice of the Veterinary Profession in the country.

The Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN), has the responsibility of coordinating and overseeing the practice of the Veterinary profession in Nigeria.

The Council has the following function:

  • It determines the standard of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to be registered as Veterinary Surgeons and raises those standards from time to time as the circumstances permit;
  • It gives approval to Veterinary Schools for the training of Veterinary Surgeons after ensuring that they have the requisite human and material infrastructure;
  • It monitors such approved schools through regular Accreditation and Examination Observation visits to ensure that standards are not only being maintained, but that they are also being improved upon;
  • It registers and maintains a register of persons qualified to practice as Veterinary Surgeons in Nigeria;
  • It conducts Registration Examinations in respect of candidates who did not pass through approved schools, but whose Curriculum Council believes may offer adequate training;
  • It registers and monitors Veterinary Practicing Premises (Veterinary hospitals, clinics, pharmacy and veterinary diagnostic laboratories
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