Funny Igbo Quotes

1. Hapu ihe e dere na moto banye moto (Leave what is written on a motor and enter motor)
Meaning: Taking action is a priority over having details or previous knowledge

2. Kee ncha bu omo? (Which soap is omo?)
Meaning: How far? or What’s up?

3. Onye m ga-egbuli m ga rio chineke ka o nyere m aka? (One i can defeat do i still need to beg God for help?)
Meaning: Self explanatary

4. Gaa washington ka ha washia nti gi (Go to washington so your ear can be washed)
Meaning: Told to a deaf ear

5. Agbacha oso a gwuo mile (After the race, the miles or distance covered is calculated)
Meaning: Being reflective after a difficult task

6. Ogaracha must come back (He who wanders away must come back)
Meaning: You can not totally shy away from your responsiblities

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