Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria Domiciliary Account


What is domiciliary account?
it is also referred to as Dollar Account. it is an account that permits someone to maintain foreign currency;. This account can be fund with travellers check, cash deposit, cash inflow, The domiciliary account holder can make deposit and withdraw his/her money from any where in the world.

How to open a domiciliary account with Gtbank and other banks without stress

How to open a domiciliary account with GTbank

GTbank domiciliary account opening is flexible and friendly for its customer, you dont have to pay extra fee for the domiciliary account. Here we will show you the exact step to open a gtbank domiciliary account.

Step 1 : Work into any gtbank branch near you, request that you want to open a domiciliary, if you already have an account with gtbank, (savings) then you are ok but if you dont have, tell them you want to open a domiciliary account.

You will be given a form, to fill and two extra reference form. The essence for the reference form is to find two current account holder that will stand for you. Then go home and look for two current account holder to sign for you, not only gtbank current account holder, but any other current account holder from any bank.

Step 2: After you have fill the form and get signed by the references, go back to the bank, if you already have a savings account with them, better just submit the forms along side with your id card, electricity( or other utility) bill and two passport. But if you don’t, go along with your N5000 or N2000 for savings account opening.

Ask them you want to open a savings account, you will be given the form, fill it sharply. When you will want to submit, remind the banker that you will like to open a dom account along side with the savings account, he/she will give you a dom account form to fill, then fill it and submit the both savings and domiciliary form with your id, utility bill and two passport. Make sure the details on the savings account is the same with that of domiciliary account.

step 3: The banker will ask you some question about your address, occupation, marital status. After which he/she will tell you to go to the counter and make a payment, you can pay in N5000 or N2000 or more, any amount that suits you. After the payment, bring back the teller to the banker you were opening the domiciliary account with, he will now file it and you are good to go.

Step 4: Expect your gtbank savings and gtbank domicilary account to be opened and active in two days time.

Note: While going to the bank make sure you go with Id card/drivers license, utility bill, two paassports and money.

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