Hausa Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

Despite the fact that an incredible number of individuals in this district talk the Hausa dialect, distinctive clans among them have their own individual remarkable vernaculars.

The Hausa customary marriage is for the most part in view of Islamic rituals, and not as tedious or costly like the Igbo and Yoruba conventional wedding functions.

In any case, the procedure paving the way to the marriage is marginally like what gets in alternate districts in Nigeria.

At the point when a man sees the lady he needs to wed, he needs to as a matter of first importance look for consent from her folks. The group of the lady of the hour to-be will then direct an examination on the foundation of the man to decide his religious convictions, morals, good and family traditions, and additionally every critical insights concerning his childhood.

The prep to-be if affirmed by the lady’s family, is permitted to see her quickly however any type of physical contact, sentiment or seeking before marriage is very demoralized.

Once the lady acknowledges the marriage offer, the man sends his folks or gatekeepers and additionally elderly relatives to formally request her turn in marriage.

Be that as it may, this may not be the same for every one of the clans in the Hausa people group, as every one of them have distinctive traditions in regards to marriage rituals, however the procedure said above is the most widely recognized technique.

On their excursion to the lady of the hour’s family home to look for her parent’s assent, the prep’s family bring things, for example, kolanuts, packs of salt, desserts, and so forth.

It is amid this visit the prepare’s folks will make their expectations known. Gaisuwais is a sort of formal endorsement from the lady’s family to the groom’s. This is the place the can hope for the lady of the hour’s endowment starts.

More often than not, the lady of the hour value begins from a base sum known as ‘Rubu Dinar’ in Hausa, an Arabic expression which signifies ‘quarter kilogram of gold piece’, to the most astounding sum the prep can stand to pay.

It is most favored at the lady of the hour cost to be as low as could be expected under the circumstances, on the grounds that as per Islamic lessons, the lesser the sum paid as the lady of the hour’s settlement, the more gifts that will go to the marriage. Installment of the settlement is known as Sadaki.

Additionally, the wedding date is settled amid this visit, by the two families. The way toward setting the date is called Sarana.

The big day itself is called Fatihah, and it is the day of joining the two families.

As a feature of Hausa custom, it is the obligation of the spouse to give a house to the couple to live in, while outfitting the house is the full duty of the lady of the hour’s family.

At the wedding Fatihah, ladies are to remain inside setting up the lady for her new life as a spouse, which is alluded to as Kunshi. The Kunshi is like a wedding party.

The wedding gathering is known as Walimah, and it is done by the essence of the families included. It is generally held after the Fatihah, and it continues for an entire day with nourishment and beverages accessible for family, companions and well wishers.

Toward the finish of the festival, the lady is taken to her better half’s home subsequent to getting bits of conjugal prompt from guardians, close relatives, uncles, guardians in-law.

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