History Of Awka South LGA, Anambra State

Awka South Local Government Area (LGA) is made up of nine towns, namely, Amawbia, Awka, Ezinato, Isiagu, Mbaukwu, Nibo, Nise, Okpuno and Umuawulu. There are three major streets that span this area, which are the Zik Avenue, Works Road and Arthur Eze Avenue.In the past, the people of Awka South LGA were well known for blacksmithing. Today they are respected among the Igbo people of Nigeria for their technical and business skills.

Awka is a town in Awka south local government area, It is the seat of government, And has a lot of prominent people both home and abroad while Amawbia is home to the state house i.e. Governor’s lodge and the State Prisons. Nise have notable infrastructures like WAEC (West African examination council) state head office and St. Paul University college situated there.

Isiagu community is a town in Awka south local government area. It is one of the agricultural areas in the state with rich fertile soil for farming. It is believed to be one of the ancient towns in south eastern Nigeria (igbo land).

Isiagu community have had two traditional rulers till date. The current traditional ruler is Igwe Augustine Nwankwo (igwe agu 1 of Isiagu).

Isiagu has two primary schools and one secondary school. The community has a history of peaceful coinhibition and strong cultural heritage,Isiagu till today still maintains its culture and traditions.


school gate of Bishop Crowther Seminary

Here is the list of secondary schools in Awka South Local Government Area:

  • Bishop Crowther Seminary, Awka
  • Igwebuike Grammar Secondary School, Awka
  • St. John of God School, Awka
  • Girls Secondary School, Awka
  • Community Secondary School, Umuokpu
  • Capital City Secondary School, Awka
  • Kenneth Dike Memorial Secondary School, Awka
  • Ezi-Awka Community Secondary School, Awka
  • Community Secondary School, Okpuno
  • Nneoma * Community Secondary School, Nibo
  • Community Secondary School, Mbaukwu
  • Emeka Aghasili High School, Nise
  • Community Secondary School, Agulu-Awka
  • Community Secondary School, Amawbia
  • Union Secondary School, Umuawulu
  • Union Secondary School, Amawbia
  • Ezike High School, Nibo
  • Holy Cross High School, Umuawulu Mbaukwu
  • Community Secondary School, Isiagu
  • Krosa Model Schools, Amawbia

Nibo is a town in Awka South, Anambra State, Nigeria. Its geographical coordinates are 6° 10′ 0″ North, 7° 4′ 0″ East.

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