History Of Billiri LGA, Gombe State

Billiri (or Biliri) is one of the 11 Local Government Area of Gombe State, Nigeria bounded to the north by Akko LGA,south and east by Shongom as well as North-East by Kaltungo. It is an old settlement of the Tangales which is located South of Gombe It is the biggest town in Gombe and has an area of 737 km2 and a population of 202,144 at the 2006 census. There are more educated people who hail from Billiri. They speak the Tangale language, and Hausa which is the general language of the Northerners The postal code of the area is 771.

About 85% of the population of Billiri are Christians while the Muslims living there are not up to 10%, so also they have traditionalists residing there as well The tribe is Tangale which means “Tangle”. Tangale is a language spoken by some of the west chadic language in Northern region of Nigeria and the native speakers of this language (Tangale) are found across Akko, Kultungo, Billiri, Shongom Local Government Area of the state. The people there are ruled by a traditional ruler who is called Mai Tangale. The death of the Mai Tangale in 2020 brought about communal unrest in the Biliri community due to the delay in reinstating a new Mai Tangale.

The Tangale people believed to have migrated from Yemen through borno state.They had to move from places such as sanum kede and kupto due to tribal wars. Tangaltong, one of the 7 clans in Tangale is where billiri as well as Bare and Kantali resides.

Billiri ,Shongom,Akko and Kaltungo are the majority speakers of Tangale which is a West chadic language spoken in the north region in Nigeria.

Mai Tangle
The emir of Billiri is address as Mai Tangle. Following the death of the former emir, Mallam sanusi maiyamba was elected as the new emir early last year after delay in announcement of result by Gombe state Governor with the ceremony witnessed by the chairperson of the local government and the 9 kingmakers of Billiri.

Communal Clashes
Billiri community that was a peaceful place has witnessed different communal clashes and invasion. In 2021, protesters stormed Billiri community and burnt down houses and killing people living in the community

Towns & Villages
The towns and villages in Billiri include:

Lanshi daji
Sabon layi
Pandi kamio
Tudu kwaya
Wards/Polling units
There are 10 wards in Billiri local government and they are:

Bangaje North

  1. Bangaje South
  2. Bare
  3. Billiri North
  4. Billiri South
  5. Kalmai
  6. Todi
  7. Tudu Kwaya
  8. Tal
  9. Tanglang

They include:

Central primary school

Government day secondary School Amtawlam

FGC Billiri

Government Sciences Secondary School Billiri

Soya beans is one of the common foods in Billiri with about six prominent market according to study.

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