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History Of Etim Ekpo LGA, Akwa Ibom State


Etim Ekpo is a town and Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Created from the former Abak division, Etim Ekpo is one of the Annang-speaking areas. The seat of the local government council is in Utu Etim Ekpo a community in a Etim Ekpo. The inhabitants of this town is estimated to be 108,418, according to 2006 population census. Etim Ekpo local government area is made up of four districts of seventy-four communities and villages. The people of this clime are predominantly subsistence farmer, traders and craftsmen. Natural resources in Etim Ekpo local government area are sharp sand, gravel, timber and oil-palm. The people of Etim Ekpo are mainly farmers, but the educated indigenes work as civil servants within and outside the local government area. In the area of education, there are many public and private secondary schools. The local government area is the home of one private university, the Obong university, located at Obong Ntak. The people of etim ekpo are vast in knowledge and every other creative activity.



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