History Of Ideato South LGA, Imo State

Greater than the past decades the population density has led to intensified strain on land, forests and other natural resources, leading to escalating pastoral scarcity which is an attribute of thickly inhabited pastoral areas. Crop-free period seldom exceeds one year and in some areas constant cropping is the regulation. Little crop yield and pasting of land to erosion have pooled to tempt people to travel in search of jobs in other parts of the country.

Seeing that as an approach for enhancing agricultural development, private depositors are invited to take part in direct agricultural production, by investing in the planting and cultivation of agricultural crops such as maize, rice, legumes, roots and tubers.

They are also known for their well-dressed traditional wear, like many other communities and cities across Igboland. The traditional attire for the men is an overflowing jumper or a long-sleeved shirt worn over the George wrapper, which is tied around the waist, curving down to the ankles. This dress is matched with a cap and a walking stick, which aids as an instrument of support and defense. The traditional wear for the women is a blouse, worn over a loin cloth. This female attire goes with a head-tie ear rings and necklaces or traditional necklaces. Arts and Craft: traditional artist thrive in this municipal rural communities. Works of art produced in the area comprises, carved doors, walking sticks of different designs, sculptures, flutes, wooden mortars and pestles, gongs, and the famous talking drums. Metal works and various types of productions are locally fashioned.

Part of the culture of the state in the Igbo traditional kindness to visitors, which begins with the offering of the kolanuts to the visitor, is enriched in the communities of Ideato-South. The kolanut is indicating that the visitor is very much welcomed. The ritual of the offering of kolanut is inspired with the giving in prayers and blessing or lobby to the supreme God and other deities, for the protection of the visitor and the host. This seems to be a custom to the people of this LGA in any traditional ceremony the presentation of African salad (Abacha). The Okonko festival of Umuezealla-Ogboko is very rich and unique. There are also several social titles which feature outstandingly throughout Ideato-South. The chieftaincy titles are very common and highly regarded. They include: Eze (king), Okenze, Nze, Ozo, Ichie, Durunze etc. Worthy of note is the fact that marriages in Ideato as well as other parts of igboland can never hold on an Eke market day. Typically, traditional marriages can not start in the morning but in the afternoon.

There is freedom of worship in Imo state, and Nigeria as a whole. Religion occupies a central place in the heart of the people. The people are mostly Christians of different denominations. They are predominantly Catholics and Anglicans. catholic churches in Ideato South includes: St. Micheals, Urualla, St. Josephs, Ntueke amongst others.

Ideato-South is becoming the intellectual and political Mecca of Igbo land and indeed Nigeria. Due to the fact that most of their sons and daughters have become engineers, doctors, administrators, barristers, accountants, information technologists etc. Many are based in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and other parts of the world in search of knowledge and wealth.

Education Institutions in the Area
The Ideato South home to Eastern Palm University, Ogboko Imo State. The institution was established in 2016 by the Nigeria University Commission as a State owned University.

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