History Of Ikono LGA, Akwa Ibom State

History and population

Ikono is one of the four largest Local Government Areas in the state, the others being oruk Anam, Ibiono-Ibom, Essien Udim. it came into existence in september, 1996 when it was carved out of Itu Local Government Area. The people of Ikono are great farmers, who cultivates both cash and food crops, palm tree, kolanut trees, cassava, maize, melon. They are also traders and among the peculiar cuisines of the people is a soup called “efere nsanai” which is often prepared during festivities like marriage, burials, civic receptions. The people of Ikono trace their roots to a place called “Ibom” in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia state, from where they migrated and spread to other parts today’s Ibibio land.

Sub-cultural Groups

Ibibio is made up of six (6) sub-cultural groups.

These includes:

  1. Eastern Ibibio or Ibibio Proper.
  2. Western Ibibio or Annang.
  3. Northern Ibibio or Enyong.
  4. Southern Ibibio or Oket.
  5. Delta Ibibio pr Andomilbeno.
  6. Riverine Ibibio or Efik.


Ikono LGA has stores of mineral assets like salt, sand, rock and unrefined petroleum. Cultivating is likewise a significant financial action in Ikono LGA with yields, for example, oil palm, kola nut, cocoa, melon, maize, cassava, and plantain filled in genuinely huge amounts inside the space.Exchange additionally prospers in Ikono LGA with the space facilitating various business sectors like the Obo every day market. The people of Ikono also participate in fishing and lumbering

Ikono Towns And Villages

1Aka Ekpene DistrictAka Ekpene
2Nung-Ukem DistrictAkpa-Etok, Essien, Etefia, Mbiafan Nkwono, Mkpe, Ndiya Etok, Nung Ukem-Ikot-Udom, Nung Ukim Ikot, Nung Ukim Ikot-Okori, Nung Ukim Ikot-Uko, Nung Ukin Ikot Abia
3Ikono South DistrictAsanga Usung , Edem, Eduo, Ekang, Ekpene Obom, Esem-Udo, Ibakasi-Ikot, Ibakesi Ukpom Unya, Ibakesi-Ikot-Mbiet, Ikot-Ete Udoe, Mbiabon Ikot-Ntia, Mbiabong-Ukan, Mfon, Obom Nkwongo, Ukopon, Ukpim Ikot-Imo, Ukpim Ikot-Inyang, Ukpim Ita, Ukpom Atai Ession, Ukpom Ekpene, Ukpom Ekpene-Inuen, Ukpom Ibakesi-Ikot, Ukpom Ikot Akpakpam, Ukpom Ikot Anwana, Ukpom Ikot Anwana Abasi, Ukpom Ikot Edem Udo, Ukpom Ikot Ekem, Ukpom Ikot Etim, Ukpom Ikot Ntuen, Ukpom Ikot Nya, Ukpom Ikot Nyoho, Ukpom Ikot Odung, Ukpom Ikot Okure, Ukpom Ikot Udo, Ukpom Ikot Udo Nke, Ukpom Nung Eduo
4Ibiaku DistrictAsantng Utit Ikpe, Edem Idim Ibakesi, Ikot Ubeng. Ikot Udo Asan, Mbiakpa Ibakesi, Nkwot Etok, Usuk Ibaken
5AsantingDistrictAsantin Nquono, Asanting Atan, Asanting Ikot Efredie, Asanting Obot-Obom, Etok, Ikono, Itak Ikot Akpan Ndem, Itak Ikot Udo, Iton Odoro, Mbio-Oku Ikot-Odung, Oduk
6Mbiafun DistrictMbiafun
7Itak DistrictAfaha Itak, Afaha Obio-Enwang, Ekpemiong,Ikot Akpan Odung, Ikot Eduek Itak, Ikot Efre Itak, Ikot Ekpan Odung, Ikot Ide Itak, Ikot Inyang-Itak, Ikot Udofia Itak, Nung Okoro, Nung Udoe Itak, Obio Itak, Obot Etim, Odung Itak, Ukap Ekpan Itak, Ukpap Ikot Idang, Ukpapa Itak
8Ndija EKpene DistrictIbiaku Ikot Edet, Ibok Ndiya, Ikot Abasi Ndiya, Ikot Akpa Edet Ndiya, Ikot Akpa Edok, Ikot Akpa Ekpuk, Ikot Akpa Idem Ndiya, Ikot Akpan, Ikot Akpan Ndiya, Ikot Akpayara Ndiya, Ikot Anyan Ndija, Ikot Enua, Ikot Etefia-Ndiya, Ikot Idaha, Ikot Nto Ndiya, Ikot Obio Edi, Ikot Offiong Ndiya, Ikot Udu Ndiya, Mbi akpa Ndiya, Nkara Obio
9Ekpene/Ediene DistrictAfaha Ediene, Aka Ekpene-Ikot, Atai Obio Ediene, Ayan, Edem Iyere, Ediene Atai, Ekpene Ediene, Etip Ediene, Ibienang, Idoro Ediene, Ikot Antem, Ikot Ediene, Ikot Oku-Ediene, Ikot Okubo, Ikot Onwon Ediene, Ikot Udo Enang, Mbat Aka Ekpene, Nnung Idio, Osuk Ediene, Udek Atai, Usuk Obio Ediene, Uyo Afaha Nkan, Uyo Obio

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