History Of Moba LGA, Ekiti State

Moba is a local government area of Ekiti State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Otun.

It has an area of 199 km² and a population of 146,496 at the 2006 census.

The postal code of the area is 372.

Notable towns
Moba consists of the following notable towns

Otun Ekiti
Igogo Ekiti
Ikun Ekiti
Osun Ekiti
Erinmope Ekiti
Osan Ekiti
Aaye-Oja Ekiti
Ikosu Ekiti
Isaoye Ekiti
Epe Ekiti
Iro Ekiti
Ira Ekiti
Irare Ekiti
There are several places of interests in the local government that could attract tourists and they include Ero Dam, Ikun; Oore Monumental Palace, Otun; Eyemojo Grave, Osan; Eegun Regalia Costumes, Ikun; and Egi Hill, Igogo.

There are several co-operative societies in the Local Government and also thriving industries which include Timber/Saw mills and Dairy Farms e.g. Ikun Dairy Farm.

There are 19 public primary schools, 15 private nursery/primary schools, 11 junior secondary schools, 11 senior secondary schools and 8 private secondary schools in the local government area.

Senior Secondary Schools
Moba Senior Secondary School, Otun Ekiti
Erinmope Senior High School, Erinmope Ekiti
Igogo Commercial Senior High School, Igogo Ekiti
Ifelodun compressive high school igogo ekiti
Saliu adeoti memorial Comp. Senior High School, Otun Ekiti
Eyemojo Comp. Senior High School, Osan Ekiti
Osun Grammar School, Osun Ekiti
Amure Senior Grammar School Ikun Ekiti
Aaye-Oja Senior High School, Aaye-Oja Ekiti
Ikosu Senior High School, Ikosu Ekiti
Epe Comp. Senior High School, Epe Ekiti
Private Secondary Schools
Amazing Grace College, Otun Ekiti
Adventist High School, Otun Ekiti
Holy Michael Champions College, Otun Ekiti
Christ Royal Master College, Otun ekiti
AUD Islamic High School, Otun Ekiti
St. Andrew Catholic College, Otun Ekiti
Ave Maria International Osun Ekiti
St. Matthew Secondary, Otun Ekiti
Health Care
The public hospitals and health centres in the Local Government Area are:

B. H. C. Aaye-Oja Ekiti
B. H. C. Irare Ekiti
B. H. C. Erinmope Ekiti
C. H. C. Igogo Ekiti
B. H. C. Isaoye Ekiti
B. H. C. Ikun Ekiti
B. H. C. Ikosu Ekiti
B. H. C. Ogo-Oluwa, Ikun Ekiti
B. H. C. Osun Ekiti
B. H. C. Ira Ekiti
B. H. C. Osan Ekiti
B. H. C. Epe Ekiti
B. H. C. Iro Ekiti
Health Post Orisumibare
C. H. C. Otun Ekiti
General Hospital, Otun Ekiti
Model Hospital, Otun Ekiti
The Private hospitals and Medical Centres in Noba Local Government Area are:

Adebayo Hospital, Otun-Ekiti
Ibironke Hospital, Otun-Ekiti
Emiloju Hospital, Otun-Ekiti
Notable people
Odunlade Adekola

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