History Of Nembe LGA, Bayelsa State

Nembe is a Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Nembe in the east of the area at 4°32′22″N 6°24′01″E The people of Brass, Nembe and Southern Ijaw Councils of Bayelsa State have bemoaned their neglect by oil companies operating in their areas.

They also lamented years of oil spillages that have destroyed their environment, aquatic life, as well as air and water pollution and called on the Bayelsa State Oil and Environmental Commission (BSOEC) and international communities to come to their rescue


It has an area of 760 km2 and a population of 130,931 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 562. Much of the area of the LGA is occupied by the Edumanom National Forest.

Nembe is one of the major communities in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Nembe people are found predominantly in the Nembe local Government Area and the ancient town of Twon Brass and Okpoama in Brass Local Government Area of the state. Nembe people can also be found within the coastal areas of Bayelsa State as a result of them being predominantly fishermen, traders and farmers.

The language of Nembe people is also called as Nembe. Every tribe that cut across the globe has it traditional law of dos and don’t, the Nembe people are no exception. The killing of snakes is forbidden in Nembe Kingdom, as any attempts to do so often attracts severe penalty to the offender. The people of Nembe relate freely with Pythons without getting hurt or harmed by the snake species. Even the young ones are abreast of the historic linkage between the Nembe people and the python.

Biobelemoye Josiah is the crowned king Ogbodo VIII, Amayanabo of Opu-Nembe Kigdom, a first-class stool in Nembe Local Government Area Of Bayelsa State, South-South Nigeria 

Masquerade Culture in Nembe

The masquerade culture of the Nembe people is inherited from ancient times. The masquerade culture is an ageless and ancient traditional practice amongst the Nembe people. The masquerade culture has retained its basic features, and have continued to colour the social and cultural landscape of the Nembe people. History or traditionalist has it that masquerades are spirit beings, and to the belief of the Nembe people, masquerade are spirit beings, signifying that the ancestors of the community are embodied in them. Masquerades appears in different forms and shapes and can perform in daytimes as well as in the odd hours of the night. In Nembe land, masquerade displays are commonly seen in festive occasions or period, and in burial of prominent personalities such as kings and chiefs. Also the Masquerade dance is common during coronation ceremonies The Nembe masquerade culture could be traced to a dance club called Sekiapu. Claims have it that Sekiapu was founded in the 18th century by Meinyai Orugbani, the last son of King Mein of Nembe. He introduced the Sakiapu club which became a unified umbrella body of many masquerade from Kula, his maternal home.

List of Towns and Villages in Nembe LGA

Nember Local Government Area Consist of thirty seven (37) villages and towns, below is the list:

  1. Adukiri
  2. Agada
  3. Agrisaba
  4. Akakumana
  5. Allagaokiri
  6. Amasara
  7. Benkiri
  8. Dorgu-Ewoama
  9. Dumobi-Kumakiri
  10. Ekpeikiri
  11. Elemuama
  12. Enyumuana
  13. Etieme
  14. Ewokiri
  15. Fekorukiri
  16. Igbeta-Ewoama
  17. Ikensi
  18. Isaiahkiri
  19. Iseleogona
  20. Iserekiri
  21. Mini
  22. Nembe
  23. Obiama
  24. Obiata
  25. Odekiri
  26. Okokokiri
  27. Okoroba
  28. Ologoma
  29. Olusasiri
  30. Oromabiri
  31. Otumakiri
  32. Sabatoru
  33. Sangakubu
  34. Shellkiri
  35. Tengelkiri
  36. Tengikokiri
  37. Tombi

Notable people

  • Frederick William Koko Mingi VIII of Nembe

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